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The contents of the lengthy budget table for decoration are complex and diverse, and the traps are hidden in invisibility. Insiders remind consumers that at present, in the quotation of home decoration, home decoration companies make profits through various means, and the final loss is always the consumer. Therefore, consumers should learn to carefully review and understand the "tricks" of decoration companies in the budget to avoid wasting money wrongly

the lengthy budget table for decoration is complex and diverse, and the traps are hidden in invisibility. Insiders remind consumers that at present, in the quotation of home decoration, home decoration companies make profits through various means, and the final loss is always the consumer. Therefore, consumers should learn to carefully review and understand the “ Tricks ”, Avoid spending money unjustly

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trap 1 the quotation in the budget table is low and high.

Mr. Chen, who officially closed the building last September, also experienced the distress of low and high budget quotation. He said that the price of a 90 square meter house used to be 50000, but in the end, the basic engineering cost more than 70000

“ Attract the owners with the lower budget quotation in the market, and then do something in the actual construction process. The residents also continue to increase their expenses in the construction process, and the actual settlement is very different from the budget& rdquo; Some home decoration companies often use this marketing method to attract consumers

the decoration budget table seen by the editor in some home decoration is generally classified by room, and the construction items of each room are divided into single items. Each item indicates the name, unit, quantity, unit price (including unit price of main materials, unit price of auxiliary materials and unit price of labor), as well as the total cost, material and process statement of the item. A detailed budget table for home decoration, which reflects the name, specification, value, labor cost, loss, construction type, skill requirements, etc. of the decoration materials, and evaluates the value of the decoration process in advance for future construction

the actual situation is that many owners say they don't understand the home decoration table of home decoration companies and don't know where to find problems. If there is no contract, home decoration companies generally do not allow the budget table to be brought out. If there is no comparison with other home decoration companies, it is difficult to find the problems

trap two split items increase labor cost budget

then, how does the home decoration company make the quotation “ Go low and open high ” What about? In the quotation table, home decoration companies often falsely report the loss, increase the price of temporary demolition items, change the pricing unit, fuzzy construction technology and other means to increase the price

in the decoration process, necessary losses are allowed, but some companies will play tricks in unnecessary losses. For example, when paving the floor, the material is allowed to lose, but the loss is generally not more than 5%. If it is more than 5%, we should be vigilant about whether there is moisture

for example, gypsum line, PP-R water pipe, etc., the former industry regulation is that the material price includes the installation fee, which is calculated according to the actual installation size, not counting the loss, while the latter can basically achieve zero loss due to the characteristics of the material, so consumers should pay attention

“ Splitting is a common problem in many budget tables. Splitting an item into several items seems to reduce the unit price, but in fact, the labor cost and paving cost have doubled, so the total price is still high& rdquo; This is easy to deceive decorators who do not understand professional knowledge& ldquo; For example, the wall tiles are disassembled into two projects: wall base treatment and wall tiles; The latex paint project is divided into primer and finish painting; When paving marble or vitrified bricks on the ground, add additional ground accessories and labor costs. It usually needs to increase by more than ten yuan/square meter or even more. This invisible increase in price is usually ignored if you don't look carefully& rdquo;

in addition, unit of measurement change is also a common trick of home decoration companies. The decoration content of formal home decoration companies generally requires to be calculated according to the area or length. At present, it is more common to use “ Square meters ” Calculate the total amount as the unit of measurement

trap three small companies subcontract to raise prices

the boss of a home improvement company with only five construction teams told the editor that seven home improvement projects were received in November this year, and the unfinished projects can only be subcontracted to other temporary construction teams

it is understood that some small companies rely on a few designers and a small number of construction teams to simply piece together and establish companies to attract consumers by avoiding low-cost incentives such as management fees and design fees. The number of fixed foremen and construction personnel of these small companies is far from meeting the number of orders. Often, after the company signs a contract with the owner, it subcontracts the whole decoration project to other construction teams

subcontracting is very common in small and medium-sized home decoration companies. Insiders say that now many decoration teams specifically accept subcontracting business from some small home decoration companies

although under the banner of low-cost decoration, the final profits of these home decoration companies far exceed those of many brand home decoration companies

“ Generally, the profit of a single home decoration project of a small company is 25% - 30% ”, Small companies are very simple and irregular in personnel management and operation& ldquo; First, after the project is subcontracted, the construction team is responsible for the construction process and quality, which reduces the quality inspection and inspection personnel necessary for the quality control of decoration, and reduces a lot of personnel costs. Second, after the company subcontracted the project, the decoration return visit and after-sales maintenance and other links were also omitted, which also greatly reduced the human cost& rdquo;

it is understood that small companies generally withdraw 30% - 35% of the total decoration amount “ Management fee ”, After subcontracting to the construction team, the foreman will take another 8% - 10% of the remaining funds as profits, and the remaining costs will be amortized into material costs, labor costs, etc. The cost of subcontracting is virtually passed on to consumers

when signing the contract, ordinary consumers do not know that their home decoration projects have been subcontracted, and it is difficult for consumers to know whether the home decoration company has subcontracted. Therefore, consumers should negotiate with the decoration team on decoration quality, after-sales and other issues before signing the contract

expert advice

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industry experts pointed out that in terms of home decoration price management, due to regional differences, there is no unified quotation standard in the country at present. The number of decoration projects and quantities is a direct factor affecting the whole decoration cost. At the same time, the charging standard is also different due to the different size, qualification, grade and management system of the decoration company. Generally speaking, the expenses in decoration should include: design fee, main material fee, auxiliary material fee, labor fee, management fee and tax. Consumers need to be reminded that they should not choose home decoration enterprises simply by price. Because so far, there are still decoration companies that use consumers' inexperience to play “ Flower head ” Phenomenon of

a relatively complete decoration quotation, including a legally binding decoration budget attachment, a budget agreement that describes the materials purchased by the owner and the decoration company, as well as the model, grade, brand, unit price, etc. of this material, as well as a list of main materials purchased by the owner and a decoration quotation, as well as detailed construction standards

owners who do not have time and professional knowledge must not only focus on the price& ldquo; Because the result of your bargaining is only a small advantage, not to mention that different companies choose different materials and use different calculation methods, and the final total price is not highly comparable& rdquo; It is suggested that all owners can refer to the following methods to prevent “ Greasy &rdquo

look at the design drawings, because this is the general plan for decorating the house. You can ask the decoration company to mark all the materials needed in the quotation according to the design drawings without looking at the quotation, and specify the materials purchased by yourself and on behalf of others in the contract, and then decide not to make any changes to the design, so your decoration cost will be very close to your quotation cost in the end

second, the main materials. The cost of main materials accounts for the bulk of your decoration expenditure. It is best to know the main materials commonly used in the market or the specifications, prices, styles, brands, etc. of main materials you like in advance. When looking at the detailed list of quotations, first look at whether there are problems with the main materials, and confirm whether they have been clearly marked. If the decoration is in the form of half package of main materials, there is no quotation in this regard

third, look at the construction process. Before decoration, it is best to have an understanding of the general construction process of interior decoration, knowing how many times the wall coating should be painted and how many processes the ground treatment should be divided. Because the construction technology determines the decoration quality and service life of the house, it is also a project for home decoration companies to increase labor costs




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