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The increasingly busy urban life, the smog shrouded subway and crowd on the way to work, and the busy mood at work make people who have worked all day

the increasingly busy urban life, the smog shrouded subway and crowd on the way to work, and the busy mood at work make people who have worked all day long eager to return home and calm down at the moment of closing the door. However, is your bedroom quiet

according to the survey, the normal decibel of the TV is 70 decibels, the sound of the washing machine rotating motor is about 55 decibels, and the sound of the refrigerator is about 50 decibels... When you get home, you still can't calm down. Below 40 dB is called "quiet", and 35-50 DB is suitable for "sleep". How to make yourself sleep comfortably after a hard day? A quiet bedroom is necessary

now, many families with three generations or families with a slightly larger population have noise problems. How to block indoor noise? Someone in the living room needs to let go of the sound. However, sleeping is mainly in the bedroom. How can you make the TV and noise not affect your sleep? After analyzing and studying the data of the sound decibel of the home environment and the needs of the sleep environment, the sub material designer first developed a new science and technology - the sound insulation door system. Through the integrated structural system with excellent comprehensive performance and the Italian hardware design, it can achieve a minimum sound insulation of 38 decibels. Even at home, as long as you close the door, the noise of the home environment can be immediately reduced to sleep

how quiet can the bedroom be with the silent door of sub material

the gap between the door and the ground. In order to maintain oxygen intake, the gap between the ordinary sound proof door and the ground is relatively large. The submaterial silent door has overcome this technical difficulty and greatly reduced the gap between the door and the ground while maintaining the oxygen intake

gap at the junction of door edge and door frame. Ordinary sound insulation doors use traditional sealing strips, which have poor performance and are easy to deform after long-term use, reducing the sound insulation effect of the door. The sub material adopts high-quality PU foam fabric sealing strip, which is durable and has super strong sound insulation effect

material and internal structure. Ordinary soundproof doors only pay attention to the selection of door core materials, while yacaijing not only pays attention to the good sound insulation effect of door core materials, but also has a unique "bridge hole mechanical structure", which has a good sound insulation effect

with these advantages, through the overall profile system with excellent comprehensive performance and Italian hardware design, it forms a complete sound insulation system with floors and wallboards, so that the sound has nowhere to hide and achieves the most perfect sound insulation function

mute lock, keep sleep, keep dreams

according to the data survey, when the sudden noise reaches 60 dB, 70% of people can wake up. Submiterial mute door will mute every detail of the door. Submiterial adopts magnetic mute lock, which solves the physical collision problem of mechanical lock by using the principle of magnetic force. At the moment of closing the door, the magnetic suction bar in the lock is adsorbed out, playing the function of locking. The sound of "click" is replaced by the steady sound of closing the door. Close the door, open the door, and keep sleeping

only one door is needed between movement and silence




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