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With the increasing living needs of modern people, more and more people choose to do "whole house decoration" including soft decoration, hard decoration, customized furniture, electrical appliances, accessories. The new standard wooden door "aluminum wood decoration" is at the forefront of the industry, realizing the integrated customization of the whole house

from November 14 to November 22, 2018, the nine day and eight night special training course for new standard wooden doors and aluminum wood packaged gold medal shopping guide designers ended perfectly in the laughter and sweat of dealers and store elites all over the country

Zhang Gaobo (left), the gold medal lecturer of the new standard business school, analyzed and explained the new standard wooden door products

this training followed the previous small class teaching and the form of breaking one by one. The course focused on aluminum wood decoration and designer special training, focusing on enhancing dealers' recognition and attention to the wooden door project products in the new standard customization system

students learn about products while learning at the new standard wooden door and new exhibition hall

so as to improve the shopping guide skills, learn to use cool music software, and improve the sales ability of the new standard aluminum wood packaged products in the store. The trainees did not live up to their expectations, and were very skilled in operating the cool music software. After only a few days of design training, I learned the design of renderings, and the aluminum wood package of the new standard wooden door designed is very impressive. The product is beautiful and simple in design, meeting the user's design experience

exhibition of students' works

now let's enjoy the works of students in this special training class. Welcome to guide us

aluminum wood decoration in the living room

new standard aluminum wood wall panel

aluminum wood decoration in the bedroom

decoration is a trend in the future home furnishing. The new standard wooden door ・ aluminum wood decoration with different whole house customization can meet your different needs for home life





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