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Generally speaking, when people choose products, they will first look at the brand, and ceramic tile glue is no exception. There are some well-known ceramic tile glue brands in the market, such as Deco, Yuhong, and pailigo. But if you are interested in several unknown ceramic tile adhesives, how can you judge its quality and choose a high-quality one

1. Check whether the manufacturer of ceramic tile adhesive is formal, and whether the production date, production address, executive standard and other information marked on the product are detailed

? 2. Check whether the package is complete and firm, whether the printing handwriting on it is clear, and whether the qualified products of regular manufacturers and packaging details can not be ignored

? 3. Judging from the price of the product, if the price of the product is too low, there may be a situation that the raw materials are shoddy, which will eventually affect the bonding effect

? 4. After purchasing the product, check whether the powder of the product is fine and whether there is a large area of agglomeration. Ceramic tile glue is scientifically proportioned and fully stirred by advanced equipment, which can better ensure the uniformity of powder

5. Add water according to the product ratio requirements, and observe the adhesive consistency of ceramic tiles after full mixing. High quality ceramic tile glue contains various functional additives, which can strengthen the adhesion of ceramic tile glue, so the ceramic tile glue after full mixing is uniform and thick

6. Look at the water retention of ceramic tile glue. Too fast water loss in ceramic tile glue will cause insufficient strength of ceramic tile glue, so a good ceramic tile glue should have excellent water retention

? 7. Experience the feel of ceramic tile glue. Ceramic tile glue is mostly used in batches during construction, and long-term scraping of the arm will cause acid swelling. The design of high-quality ceramic tile adhesive fully takes into account the practical application experience of the product, and the scraping feel is fine, smooth and time-saving

8. See whether the bonding force of ceramic tile glue meets the standard, and whether the ceramic tile slides downward after being pasted on the wall

maybe for ordinary consumers, we don't know ceramic tile adhesive products very well, and we don't necessarily understand these methods. So we advise you to try to choose some brand goods when choosing ceramic tile adhesive, so that the quality and after-sales are relatively guaranteed, and the decoration is also time-saving and worry-saving. If you are considering buying tile glue, you may want to know about peligo's products

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