Cohen appliance dishwasher qck102 feels different

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Cohen dishwasher qc-k102 adopts an embedded installation structure, which is suitable for kitchens with small space. The installation structure saves space better than desktop and independent dishwashers. K102 can accommodate 6 sets of tableware at one time, meeting the needs of a family of 3-6. The key part adopts large screen touch design, which is very convenient to operate

k102 removable chopsticks, spoons and baskets; Adjustable tray rack, press down and put it flat, and you can put large tableware. The spray arm adopts a blade design, which effectively reduces resistance and rotates at a higher speed. Multiple spray holes, strong high-pressure water jet, realize 360 ° omni-directional spray

k102 has five washing modes to choose from, and four cleaning systems. Rinsing mode, fast mode, small amount mode, standard mode and strong mode. The corresponding cleaning mode can be selected according to the dirt degree of the dinner plate. The first priority is the soft water system. Effectively adsorb calcium and magnesium ions in water, improve water hardness and prevent scale; The second cleaning system, high-temperature hot water washing, effectively decompose stubborn oil; The third filter system, three-layer high-efficiency filter screen, intercepts the residue to avoid food residue blocking the water pipe; The fourth drying system, drying tableware, easily eliminate the breeding of bacteria

the dazzling atmosphere, simple modeling, warm and humanized detail design, equipped with a variety of washing modes and purification procedures, and powerful tableware washing ability. After reading so much, home dishwasher pick may be a good choice




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