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In order to make those who have started smart locks more handy, as well as those who are still waiting to see, and eliminate many concerns, let's learn the little knowledge of smart locks together

in the new year, there must be many people who have replaced smart locks at home. In order to make those kids who have started smart locks more handy, and the kids who are still waiting to see eliminate many concerns, the small smart lock class will continue to be updated to learn more about smart locks together

because it is not a high-power electrical appliance, the battery life of the smart lock is long. As long as Samsung smart lock selects an authentic high-quality alkaline battery, it can meet daily use. Pay attention to the correct installation direction of the battery

some users will worry that the smart lock is in the power-off state, and the system will lose passwords, fingerprints and other information when it is not running. The answer is No. after replacing the battery, the smart lock will conduct power on self-test, because the fingerprint, password and other information have been written into the chip, and the original stored data will not be lost, so there is no need to worry

it is not recommended to mix batteries of different brands with the same model. The voltage and internal resistance of batteries of different brands will vary slightly, and there may be differences in chemical materials. Over time, it will affect the discharge efficiency, but the risk is small. And new and old batteries of the same brand and model should not be mixed. The old battery has large internal resistance, which affects the service life of the new battery

sometimes water in your fingers will cause the password to be touched by mistake or the fingerprint to be invalid. At this time, do not unlock frequently. If you happen to encounter the automatic locking of the smart lock, generally wait for three minutes, and the smart lock will return to its normal state. At this time, you can enter with the correct fingerprint and password

today's smart lock knowledge is explained to this

the great cold is coming

you should pay attention to your body when running around. Oh

Samsung smart lock and your family are waiting for you to go home

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