Five Secrets of aluminum alloy doors and windows a

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All dealers attach great importance to the question of how to handle their own stores. Since the operation of a store has a direct impact on whether dealers can maintain a lasting surplus, the following five tips are introduced. Dealers in door and window stores need to study carefully

I. geographical location

where should door and window stores be opened, whether to enter a professional door and window building materials mall or choose a street store to operate independently? In recent years, the rise of a number of building materials and furniture hypermarkets reflects the change of customers' purchasing habits, that is, we all look forward to one-stop purchasing. The original home decoration will take up a lot of customers' time and energy. In addition, customers have little experience in purchasing building materials, so choosing to purchase in building materials shopping malls will become the safest way for customers to prevent making wrong decisions. Therefore, in order to win more customers, no matter what kind of door and window building materials you do, it will be much better to choose a professional building materials mall/building materials mall to do business than a street store. "Weather, favorable terrain, and people", and the location determines the degree of favorable terrain

second, the characteristics and quality of the commodity portfolio

some dealers in the door and window building materials industry have never considered the added value brought by the door and window brand and the future competition format, and the scene of doing what makes money is very widespread, that is to say, the dealers' intention in doing business is whether they can make money, and they have never deliberately paid attention to the convenience of purchasing for customers. However, the shopping environment is changing, customers are becoming more and more picky, and one-stop shopping has become the choice of more customers. Especially when the cost becomes more and more expensive, the richness of door and window building materials store commodities will ultimately affect whether customers will purchase, or even enter the store

III. quotation

you ask the salesperson of 100 stores, what are they most afraid of? Ninety nine of the answers may be quoted. Is the quotation really that scary? Why is every salesperson afraid when talking about quotation. It is found that more factors still lie in the daily handling of the store. When the selling atmosphere provided by the overall image of your store makes customers feel that there is room for negotiation, no matter how well you stick to it, it is very difficult to make a deal without letting the price. When customers make purchase decisions, their expectations of the quotation will be affected by the identification of the quotation of the store

IV. advertising and promotion

the high attitude of "wine is not afraid of deep alleys" is not suitable for the current sales environment, so advertising and promotion are imperative to increase sales. It is found that the terminal competition in the door and window building materials industry is far more intense than the commodity competition, so consumer obstruction has become the primary method for major businesses to attract customers into the store. Even this obstruction has not only stayed in the building materials mall, but also deepened to the new opening community

v. salesperson

many dealers will complain about two questions, one is that it is difficult to recruit people, and the other is that the recruited people can't stay. The shortage of salespersons and the low skills of salespersons have become a headache for many bosses. However, when we began to visit the mall to understand the condition of the terminal, there were still many questions exposed. The fundamental question was that the boss paid little attention to the characteristics of orders and sales, which seemed to provide many salespeople with the opportunity to go out for training, but the training content was wrong, and it was not helpful to the technical improvement of shopping guides. Therefore, the company also needs to sort out and identify training materials to provide excellent training environment for subordinates




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