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Integrated kitchen, integrated bathroom, integrated ceiling -- I believe you are no stranger. The vigorous rise of these industries reflects, to a certain extent, that everyone has a stronger and stronger concept of the overall decoration. The finished suit door is another embodiment of the "overall concept"

Wu Chenxi, chairman of China Tata suit door, pointed out in an interview a few days ago that at present, China's wooden door decoration is mostly made by hand and painted, which is not only costly, but also easy to cause harm to health

finished set door is another new finished product after the integral kitchen and bathroom. Among them, the use of packaged doors in Beijing, Shanghai and other places has accounted for 80%. The finished suit door is more and more favored by consumers for its economical, environmental protection and health. For a room with three bedrooms and two living rooms, the total price of the suite door series will not exceed 5000 yuan, including doors and door jambs, passes, window jambs, kitchen door jambs, etc. you can also choose wardrobe door panels and lines, including installation and door-to-door delivery. You can choose other finished products for the rest of the money. Compared with the same period of the previous year, the sum of the labor costs and materials of woodworking, oiling and painting is more affordable, and it saves us the trouble of going back and forth. After installation, you can move in without ventilation and formaldehyde reduction, which also avoids the fear of Jerry building in the construction of the decoration company. The pollution of woodworking mainly comes from plate and paint

in view of the above analysis, experts analyze that the finished set door is the inevitable trend of decoration in the future. It is suggested that consumers should choose the finished set door when decorating the home, and should gradually replace the existing manual production with finished decoration, which not only makes the construction simple, but also reduces the cost. It also makes our home life more fashionable and environmentally friendly




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