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Development trend of drug packaging machinery

the external packaging of drugs is one of the keys to the success or failure of marketing. "The most obvious advantage of using mechanical packaging for drugs is that it reduces the possibility of counterfeiting original drugs, and can clearly print more detailed drug descriptions so that consumers can accurately purchase and take drugs according to requirements. Under the influence of the trend of production automation, the pharmaceutical packaging industry will show the following characteristics.

1. highly automated packaging chain

improving the degree of automation is an important trend in the development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery, and highly automated equipment should It has:

first, each manipulator is controlled by a computer. In order to complete complex packaging actions, a packaging machine needs to be completed by multiple manipulators. When completing the packaging action, the manipulator will complete the specified action according to the instructions issued by the computer-controlled camera to ensure the packaging quality

second, it has high resolution of material and thickness. During the packaging process, the thickness and material changes of packaging materials are not easy to be recognized by human eyes. Therefore, computer-controlled cameras and detectors should be used on the packaging machinery to distinguish the thickness and material changes of packaging materials and display them on the display screen. At the same time, the machine will change relevant parameters according to the change of the material after identification, so as to make the equipment run in the optimal state

most of the packaging work in domestic pharmaceutical factories, especially the arrangement and assembly of more complex packaging items, is basically manual. Many operators cannot guarantee the unity and stability of packaging, and will cause pollution to the packaged products. Even if some pharmaceutical companies use some packaging machinery, it is only applied to a certain link of the whole packaging chain. For example, mechanical packaging is used for the front packaging, while manual packaging is used for the back packaging. Therefore, improving the automation level and quality level of the whole packaging chain is a very important link for modern pharmaceutical enterprises to implement GMP

2. Mechanical function requires diversification

pharmaceutical products have tended to be refined and diversified. There are fewer and fewer single variety and large batch products, while multi variety and small batch products have increasingly become the mainstream. Under the changing trend of the general environment, only packaging machines that are diversified, flexible, have a variety of switching functions, and can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and simple mold replacement can meet the needs of the market. For example, on a blister packaging machine, both aluminum and plastic packaging and aluminum and aluminum packaging can be carried out, and the switching is required to be simple, requiring less molds to be replaced. At present, the time to replace the mold is generally 1 to 2 hours, so such a long time can not meet the requirements of multi variety and small batch production

3. Structural design standard modularization

for the old-fashioned traditional design, if you want to launch a new model, you need to do a lot of heavy and tedious work. When a new model is launched after a lot of work, a large number of design costs will be allocated to the new equipment, which excessively increases the price of the new model and affects the sales of the equipment

we can clearly see that the future design will adopt the standardized and modular design concept, make full use of the modular design of the original model, and can be converted into a new model in a short time. While improving the performance of the equipment, the stable speed range of variable frequency speed regulation and step-down speed regulation of the new type of equipment will not change too much within the working range of 70%110% rated speed demonstration

4. Intelligent control function requires that the control system is the brain of mechanical equipment, that is, the core device to issue action instructions. At present, drug packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC controller. Although the PLC controller has great flexibility, it still does not have the powerful function of industrial PC. For traditional mechanical control equipment, it is appropriate to use PLC, because the number of control parameters is limited, and many places still use mechanical methods. For example, torque control uses mechanical clutch to protect the motor from overload. However, with the improvement of the unfolding degree of high-performance plastics and films in Japan, computer control equipment is more and more applied. The number of various sensing components, detection components, control components and actuator applied to the equipment is very large. At this time, PLC cannot manage and control such a large number of parameters, and industrial PC will be the best choice

5. Packaging is safe, convenient and environmentally friendly

one of the current concerns of drug packaging is how to reduce accidents caused by children's exposure to drugs or misuse of drugs. Statistics show that 30% of child deaths in some countries are caused by misuse of drugs. Governments have strengthened legislation to control all blister or other packaged drugs because the packaging of these drugs is similar to that of many sweets. It is reported that the EU will also compile a compilation of standards on drug packaging safety this year. With the continuous progress of new materials, new technologies and new processes, drug packaging will show more convenient and safe characteristics, and more in line with the development trend of environmental protection requirements. It is estimated that the sales of drug packaging materials will increase at the same time as the sales of drugs, and the growth of drug packaging sales may be greater than the growth of drug sales, because pharmaceutical companies are willing to buy Packaging equipment that is more safe, anti damage, anti child ingestion, convenient for the elderly and can protect privacy although the price is high

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