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Development trend of modern printing rubber blanket the main producers of rubber blanket in the world are concentrated in the United States, Britain and Japan. 4. They continue to cultivate the new material industry, Germany, France and other developed countries. Their Jinan testing machine factory teaches you to judge that the more famous brands in the testing machine fixtures are Japanese Sumitomo, Jinyang, tengcang, cherry blossom rubber blanket, American Dav, mcdermy rubber blanket, French rollin rubber blanket, German ContiTech Phoenix blanket, Vulcan blanket, Dunlop blanket, Duca blanket, etc

from the current market development, air cushion blanket has become the mainstream of modern printing blanket. In recent years, well-known international manufacturers have continuously introduced new and efficient air cushion blanket, such as zenith blanket and CrystaI blanket launched by Prisco; Sapphire blanket produced by Phoenix company; Perfect dot blanket produced by Heidelberg company; Sx-10 blanket of DYC supplv company; Conti air prestige blanket developed by Germany ContiTech Co., Ltd

with the rapid development of domestic offset printing to high-speed and multi-color, and the increasing number of imported offset printing machines, the demand for air cushion blanket is increasing year by year. At present, the air cushion blanket in the domestic market is growing rapidly. Now, for the printing of air cushion blanket in the South and coastal areas of China, we and the industry are working hard to develop a perfect cooling system. The energy and temperature level will not exceed one critical point one by one, and the enterprises have reached more than 80%. At present, domestic blanket manufacturing enterprises are accumulating. Therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost after raw materials. Air cushion blanket has been developed and has achieved certain results. However, the localized air cushion blanket can not fully meet the needs of the domestic market in terms of quantity and quality. Seeing this favorable opportunity, international brands quickly penetrated into the Chinese market, occupied the high-end market, and gradually expanded to the mid-range market. At present, almost all international well-known brands of rubber blanket are sold in China

at present, the domestic air cushion blanket market is mainly led by several brands: Meiji blanket produced by Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd., Chunlei blanket produced by Shanghai laifuchi printing new materials Co., Ltd., xingpai blanket produced by Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd., Youlong and Hongye blanket produced by Shanghai Youlong rubber products Co., Ltd., sanding blanket produced by Shanghai sanding printing rubber products factory, etc. It can be said that Shanghai has become the main production base of printing blanket in China

in addition, China also exports 200000 square meters of air cushion blanket every year, which shows that domestic air cushion blanket has been recognized to a certain extent in the international market. 70% of the air cushion blanket produced by Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. is sold abroad, covering the Americas, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. In addition, Shanghai laifuchi, Xinxing, sanding, Youlong and other enterprises also export a considerable amount of products every year

in the future, the production of rubber blanket in China should pay attention to the adjustment of products and industrial structure, especially the development of air cushion rubber blanket products to meet the needs of high-speed printing machines and web printing machines, while the production of ordinary rubber blanket should not be blindly expanded according to the current demand, so as to avoid low-level repeated construction. At present, the ratio of air cushion blanket to ordinary blanket in China is 1:3, which is far from the ratio of 9:1 in developed countries. At the same time, actively develop new varieties, improve product grade and quality, and extend service life. In addition, rubber blanket manufacturing enterprises should also improve their scientific research ability, strengthen R & D investment, and change the lagging situation of domestic rubber blanket production and scientific research

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