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Development trend of medium-sized horse riding stapler II

prospect of future development trend

in the future, 90% of all functions on the new generation stapler will be set automatically. He proposed a solution setting. We will be able to obtain information from the prepress department through ctp4 and transfer it to the stapler, folding machine or cutting machine. With the closed loop of each operation, you can see the operation status as long as you open the personal computer. You will have better control over the final product, including cost. The manufacturer is making the stapler have artificial intelligence and implement tool free operation to make it more convenient to adjust the stapler. Various controllers and programmable control program blocks enable some final processing procedures that were previously too expensive to do

introduction to staplers of several companies

Miller Martini company

their bravo-t is a multi-purpose, medium range, 11000 copies per hour horse riding stapling production line. The optional devices include: cover folding and paper resuming device, the 4th and 5th knives that can be installed in 15 minutes, the volume for ordering two books at the same time, calendar punching device, three hole punching device, book stacking machine, etc., which can accelerate the production speed and reduce the bottleneck problem

Prima sb, a horse riding stapler with 14000 copies per hour for selective binding, has the company's selective binding controller, which can provide personalized cover, selective different covers and Book stickers, and stack them according to postal code. The optional paper resuming modes include the vertical and flat paper feeding device, and the optional automatic paper loading mode: printroll, continuous paper resuming device, or one bundle by one bundle. PLC programmable operation enables setting and preselection of operation data with the keypad, including automatic quality control

Heidelberg company

the speed of Heidelberg finishing company's stichmaster st 270 stapler is 11500 copies per hour for short stroke and 9000 copies per hour for long stroke. Capable of handling 4.75in × 3.5 in. To 18.69in × 12in. Format of. The option is the configuration of the book bucket, which can be placed vertically or horizontally. The book bucket placed vertically can hold more books, thus reducing the number of books, thus reducing the fatigue of operators

stichmaster st 300 stapler has a rated speed of 13000 copies per hour, and has four types of paper resuming devices: drum paper resuming device TAs, which is used for standing Book posts; Drum type paper resuming device tal is used for horizontally placed Book posts; Roller type paper resuming device is used for difficult paper, extreme format and unusual paper; The utility model relates to a cover continuation device, which has two crease pressing modes, and can be optimally adjusted according to the cover and the paper thread

The purlux 321-t horseback stapler of vljuk company has a rated speed of 10000 copies per hour. It is characterized by a device that can continuously produce top mounted and bottom continued paper. Each paper resuming device can be selected between 1:1 or 1:2. There is a programmable quality management system that works continuously. There are thickness gauges and photocells at the top and bottom of the paper resuming device to detect the paper resuming fault. If the books are double folded, missing pages or misaligned, they will be transferred to the waste tray without stopping. It is reported that the hand wheel of the three side edging machine can be adjusted quickly. There is an optional timing blowing device for removing waste edges and a compensation counting stacker

best graphics company

the company's best o small ship index continued to decline. The Sako system 368 stapler has a rated speed of 12000 copies per hour. It is characterized by a centralized control console, which can monitor the speed, total number, fault display and blockage alarm. The paper resuming device with quick machine adjustment preparation and inclined back can instantly change from automatic to manual. It is said that if you want to bind special books, the paper resuming device is easy to access, which can be folded down quickly and adjusted without tools. The cover continuation device can handle light paper and especially heavy paper. The optional devices of the heavy-duty edging machine include the fourth knife and the fifth knife, and the three hole or calendar puncher. The standard devices on the model 378 stapler with a rated speed of 13000 copies per hour include the touch panel control of folding board timing, the iron wire monitoring for binding, the adjustment of book sticker scanner and thickness gauge, etc. The optional devices include downstream inhibiting and single-sided or double-sided caliper for selective bookmaking

rospack lynx 724 horseback stapler is designed to order 500 ~ 32000 copies per day, with pages, horseback stapling and three sides of smooth edge. It has a vertical paper resuming device with four book buckets, which is used to process a single book to improve production efficiency or a pre inserted book. This paper resuming device is suitable for all 203c staplers. Each station is equipped with nine inch materials, and can load materials while ordering. The blowing device and vacuum suction device help the paper feeding row to continue the paper accurately

an optional stitch tech device measures the thickness of the book. If it finds that the book is missing or missing, it will send the defective book to the defective product receiving desk. Each handle has a built-in paper presser to tightly press each printed report curve book to the current side, so as to ensure accurate three-sided cutting

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