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Development trend of tool grinding

EWAG company, located in etziken, Switzerland, is an internationally renowned and leading precision tool grinder development and production enterprise. In this field, EWAG company is famous for its competitive R & D work to create an innovative grinding concept and its significant impact on tool grinding technology. The company has been working closely with users in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic and watch manufacturing industries, and has continuously accumulated experience in the development of cutting tools used by users. Today's development trend focuses on three aspects:

1. the tool is becoming more and more complex

2. increasingly strict tolerance requirements

3.the use of PCBN and PCB tools is increasing

as mentioned above, the pressure of continuously reducing costs in tool production changes the geometry of the tool. Because different single processing cycles should be integrated into one process, such as processing step holes, the whole hole should be processed at one time, and the surface quality of the hole should be improved at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the complexity of cutting tools and the quality requirements of cutting edges

in this way, the machine tool should correspondingly increase the number of grinding wheels required to complete all processing. Due to the high tolerance requirements, the cylindrical grinding operation needs to be completed by clamping at one time, that is, before the grinding bench, the workpiece must be ground to form the geometric shape or approximate shape. This process generally adopts rough grinding and fine grinding methods. Therefore, in order to machine the geometric shape of the step, it is necessary to use two grinding wheels for grinding. The selection of dividing head is the same. It requires a continuously variable workpiece dividing head with a maximum speed of 1000r/min. At EWAG, there are two different systems available:

1. directly drive the indexing head

2. indexing head that directly drives indexing and can be converted to cylindrical grinding mode

for subsequent operations such as chip groove and back corner grinding, step, front corner and tip grinding, it is usually necessary to add 3 to 5 grinding wheels. The solution is either to use the grinding wheel replacement system or the turret grinding wheel rack developed by EWAG. EWAG's system has obvious advantages in positioning accuracy and wheel replacement speed in production

according to experience, EWAG's solution is more accurate and faster. When "Replacing" the grinding wheel, EWAG system only takes 2 seconds, while other grinding wheel replacement systems need 8 ~ 10 seconds to complete the same task. In this way, when 6 grinding wheels are used and when the load is added to the point, the replacement time alone can be reduced by 36 seconds. The turret grinding head is not sensitive to dirt (anti pollution), while other grinding wheel replacement systems need to be blown and cleaned manually before replacing the grinding wheel. In contrast, the EWAG method is sealed and can completely prevent the entry of wear debris and lubricants

as mentioned above, the tolerance will be significantly increased. At present, the most common tolerance range is ± 0.002mm, which is obviously influenced by the current machine tool concept. For the manufacturing process, a very high precision machine tool system and measurement process are required

The method of

ewag is that all linear coordinates are configured with a high-precision direct drive system with a resolution of 0.0001mm. The concept of the machine tool is: extremely high rigidity, no vibration. In addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the market for improving the packaging quality and quantity of modified plastics, the packaging data of the waste foam granulator should be scraped and studied on the surface of the guide rail system at present when the static standard is used in the verification or calibration of the fatigue testing machine

4.3.1 the total mass of the headform shall be 10 ± 0.2kg

when grinding the cutting tool, the most complex factors, such as the changes caused by the wear of the grinding wheel and the pressure of the grinding wheel, shall be considered, and the in-process measurement method shall be used for continuous detection. Therefore, the system is equipped with a high-precision three-dimensional probe. This kind of probe can detect the size, so it can control the required compensation. The probe can also be used to pre detect and detect tool intersections and/or cooling bores

with this measuring system, EWAG machine tool can also check and compensate the thermal expansion on the machine tool. During this work, the probe shall be continuously calibrated with a special ball on the clamping system as the reference point

proper grinding wheel is required for high-precision grinding of workpiece. During grinding, the size of the grinding wheel changes continuously, and the correction of such wheel size or wear must be compensated, that is, the machine tool must also be prepared accordingly

ewag's standard grinding wheel dressing system can correct the front and outer diameter of the grinding wheel and the outer edge of the grinding wheel of 0 ~ 25 °. The compensation procedure is automatically executed after the trim cycle. This process shall be verified by the measurement system. This process can ensure that the dimensions and tolerances of all workpieces processed on this machine tool are the same

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