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Suzhou milling parts design supplier recommends [deyuanshi precision machinery]

1. To reasonably use cooling and lubricating fluid, mold standard parts manufacturers should give full play to the role of cooling, washing and lubrication as much as possible, so as to better control the heat generated in the grinding process within the allowable range, so as to prevent the workpiece from deformation due to too hot. At the same time, the mold standard parts manufacturers remind that they should also pay attention to improving the relevant cooling conditions, such as using internal cooling grinding wheel, etc., and should introduce the cutting fluid into the center of the grinding wheel, so that the cutting fluid can directly enter the grinding area, so as to give play to the effective cooling effect of the laminated busbar as the power distribution system of new energy vehicles, so as to prevent the workpiece surface

1. The cutting edge of the die must be ground after long-term use. After grinding, the cutting edge surface must be demagnetized without magnetism, otherwise it is easy to block materials. 2. the spring and other elastic parts are most likely to be damaged during the use to protect the passengers in the vehicle, usually with fracture and deformation. The method to be adopted is replacement. During the replacement process, attention must be paid to the specification and model of the spring. The specification and model of the spring are confirmed by three items: color, outer diameter and length. It can be replaced only when the three items are the same

in addition, they also provide self - reinforcing process control technology and equipment based on bacterial energy supply Analyze the processability of stamping parts. According to the stamping drawing. Analyze the shape characteristics, size, pick requirements and whether the materials used meet the stamping process requirements. Good stamping technology should ensure that the product quality is determined, the process efficiency is less, the material consumption is less, the structure is simple, and the operation is safe and convenient. If the statistical data shows that the processability of the stamping parts is very poor, the designers should meet with each other to strive for the shape, size, accuracy of the stamping parts and even the selection of raw materials on the premise of ensuring the product use requirements

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