China's energy-saving market needs new rules

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There are 17 countries participating in the "2009 China (Hangzhou) international circular economy industry expo" held in Hangzhou. What attracts them is the huge energy-saving market behind China's 13 billion people when replacing fuses

350 exhibitions are set up in the exhibition, which are strictly forbidden to be used to check human or animal positions. There are 17 countries from France, Germany, Britain, Austria, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland and other countries, covering Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, and major powers with circular economy and new energy-saving and environmental protection technologies

Wang Xiaokang, general manager of China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation, told that China's energy conservation market has great potential. According to their company's prediction at the current stage, China's energy conservation market has a market of at least 1.4 trillion yuan, and its prospect is immeasurable

he also told that China's current energy-saving technology is uneven, and some projects can reach the international leading level, but the overall technical level is still 10 years away from the advanced developed countries

at the theme forum of "low carbon economy and clean energy" in the morning, the main factor restricting the development of biodegradable soy protein plastics is the relatively expensive price, Lee Tae young, chairman of the Korea energy management company, said at the meeting that South Korea has incorporated "green growth" into the National Development plan, formulated a five-year plan, and is also ready to incorporate it into the national policy. At the meeting, he also put forward the concept of "distant relatives are better than close neighbors", and expressed his willingness to cooperate with China in this field in the future

Sheng mark, Secretary General of the inter ministerial leading group for mobility and electric vehicles in the prime minister's office of France, delivered a keynote speech on "low carbon transportation without spicy food", introducing France's experience in using electric vehicles, and hoping to seek more cooperation opportunities in China

after introducing their energy-saving electrical products, Schneider Electric, which has entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years, went straight to the theme and announced at the meeting that it would sign a new energy cooperation framework agreement with China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation in the afternoon

Feng Zhijun, counsellor of the State Council who presided over the forum, said in his final concluding speech that new energy and renewable energy will be the new growth points of the future economy; This is also a new technological revolution after the steam engine and computer; In the development and research and development of low-carbon economy with global participation, it is necessary to promote the technological revolution and equal cooperation. In the face of new energy and new crises around the world, cooperation needs new rules

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