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China's engineering giant tire industry is undergoing a "barbaric growth": in just one year, nearly 30 oblique angle giant tire factories have been put into operation; In twoorthree years, the production capacity reached the largest in the world. Recently, two Korean tire enterprises, Jinhu and Hantai, were deeply involved in the "quality gate", exposing the chaos of the domestic tire industry. Industry associations and industry leaders have offered suggestions, warning enterprises to pay attention to product quality on the one hand, and reminding relevant departments to pay attention to the crisis existing in the domestic tire industry on the other hand

in fact, the author learned from the investigation that not only the passenger car tire industry is in danger, but also the crisis of the giant construction machinery tire industry, a highly featured high-end product in the construction machinery tire family, cannot be ignored

"domestic giant construction machinery tires are in crisis, and independent brands are struggling." "Technical bottlenecks cannot be broken through, and quality defects are fatal. There are countless examples. If you are bent on looking for a joint venture, you are often controlled by a foreign party. Otherwise, quality disputes will lead to continuous lawsuits, and the enterprise will go bankrupt sooner or later!" When talking about the current situation and development of giant tires, several industry veterans said that the prospects were worrying

the sprint originated from angled giant tires

according to the relevant research report of the China Rubber Industry Association, after 2004, with the strong development of the mining industry, the market demand for engineering giant tires surged and was extremely tight. At home and abroad, there was an embarrassing situation of mining machinery vehicles leaving the factory "barefoot"

in an interview with the media, the chief engineer of a tire enterprise in Shanghai said, "it will take at least three years to develop a mature production project of angular giant tires overseas, while in China, nearly 30 angular giant tire factories have been put into operation in just one year."

the main reason is the "more, faster, better and cheaper" of the Maxin project on domestic tires. The project approval and decision-making are fast, the construction and production are fast, and the labor cost is low. The launch of a large number of projects triggered a price war. Some manufacturers spent several years from the launch of the project to the actual production, and as a result, none of the tires were sold

even so, the enthusiasm of tire enterprises for giant tire projects cannot be stopped. According to the information of the tire branch of the rubber industry association, at the beginning of 2007, tire enterprises began to transform from the expansion heat of angled giant tires to the radial heat of giant tires

"'a swarm of bees' on the project, the quality of engineering tires is not up to standard, and the overseas markets are rotten, especially in the Vietnam market. The reputation has been rotten, and now the quality has improved, so they just look back a little." The insider of Shandong Xingyuan Tire Group Co., Ltd. told the author, "now Vietnam has begun to send tires to mines for free, and go back to find the market."

the driving force of the "heat expansion" of angled giant tires comes from the demand of the international market. And behind the radial heat of giant tires in China, there are also "competition" factors of tire enterprises. Almost at the same time, nearly ten tire enterprises have launched the radial giant tire project, with an annual production scale of 5000-10000 in the planning

dare to get on a giant fetus with an investment of 500.17 million yuan

the bosses of the engineering giant tire industry found that they were still troubled by the old problems that had been discussed for several years: disordered industrial development, backward production capacity, lagging industry standards, and abnormally high raw material prices

the deep-seated reason behind it is only the temporary resistance to the adhesion of the printing platform. They know best: behind the production of Fengguang tire enterprises, the industry supervision is in a vacuum, and many enterprises have no experience in radial tire production, and some even have not produced tires

chenweifang, Secretary General of rubber machinery special committee of China Chemical Equipment Association, once wrote that in the list of domestic radial giant tire development and production enterprises, Fujian Hai'an Rubber Co., Ltd. Putian production base has an annual output of 4500 tons of giant engineering radial tires. The enterprise started with retreading tire technology and has no experience in tire production

"as a rule, giant tires should be vulcanized in vulcanizing tanks. If the vulcanization pressure is not enough, the tires produced will be good or bad at a glance." According to zhanghanming, deputy director of Haohua South Guilin Tire Factory, the vulcanization pressure is thousands of tons, and a vulcanization tank alone costs more than 7 million yuan. However, some manufacturers of angular giant tires have simple equipment, and some manufacturers only plan to invest 50million yuan to dare to go. Many manufacturers don't even have vulcanization tanks. Vulcanization adopts the integrated structure of machine and mold, and production operations are all manually controlled by stop valves. The quality and market competitiveness of the products produced in this way can be imagined

"the high temperature is more than 39 degrees"

according to the information recently released by otraco, a world-famous tire management consulting company in Australia, three tire manufacturing companies Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear (the three) account for more than 90% of the world radial giant tire market. Obviously, domestic radial giant tire enterprises are snatching food from giants such as Michelin

"tire giants will not let us grow easily. Michelin and others give priority to ensuring the supply of domestic mining engineering giant tires. This strategy can be seen that the intention of squeezing domestic giant tire independent brands is obvious." The head of international trade of triangle tire group said

Ju Hongzhen, President of China Rubber Industry Association, used "the high temperature is more than 39 degrees" to describe China's giant tire fever. Ju Hongzhen said, "I appreciate the practice of shuangqian group, triangle group and other enterprises in investing in radial giant tires. First of all, we should make an article on small-scale radial tires, and then try to develop to giant tires after obtaining some experience."

it is worrying that the entire Chinese giant tire production plant does not have a corresponding finished product testing site. For all tire on-site tests, the actual road test performance of tires must be known by delivering tires to customers. Domestic engineering megatire always has the potential safety risk of depositing transparent silica gel in droplets

"in the near future, the company will not launch 40r57 tires because the cost is too high. Only a molding machine will cost 38million yuan, the quality bottleneck cannot be broken, and overseas sales are not good." Shandong Xingyuan Tire Group Co., Ltd. insider said

at present, after the production capacity of Michelin, Bridgestone and other giants is fully released, if the manufacturer of radial giant tires in China is still in its infancy, it has not established a brand in the open-pit mining industry. For such enterprises, opportunities may become industry traps to lure enterprises

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