China's first aerosol paint standard for packaging

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China's first aerosol paint standard for the packaging industry was implemented in September

for a long time, the competition in the domestic aerosol paint industry has been chaotic: the contents of products are generally large and less loaded, which not only deceives consumption but also seriously wastes packaging resources. This abnormal competitive behavior needs to be rectified to make the market develop in a standardized way. On March 6th, 2007, the industrial standard of "packaging of the people's Republic of China? Aerosol paint" (Standard No. bb/t 0047? 2007), which was prepared under the leadership of Shenzhen rainbow Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., has been published by the national development and Reform Commission and has been officially implemented nationwide since September 1st, 2007, Further, the recycling and reuse of aerosol paint market-shaped plastic "he Minghui said has become the direction of key development of plastic industry technology, which has become a standardized constraint and promotes the healthy development of the market. As the head of the aerosol paint industry standard Editorial Committee of the aerosol Professional Committee of China Packaging Federation, Shenzhen rainbow is responsible for organizing relevant colleagues in the industry to draft China's first aerosol paint industry standard, 80% of which adopts the standard of rainbow company

the birth of the first standard is to adapt to the national development goal of building an energy-saving society, respond to the national call for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and restrict the development of industry norms from the height of resource simplification and conservation. The first standard stipulates the filling rate (mass volume ratio) to control the steel consumption and minimum loading volume of aerosol cans, so as to prevent the large cans of aerosol product packaging from being loaded less, prevent the end consumers from being deceived, guide rational consumption, and escort the clear consumption

after more than ten years of careful management, Shenzhen rainbow Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed from a single manufacturer of building materials and supplies in those days to a well-known brand in China in the field of environmental protection building materials, coatings and automotive supplies today, realizing the successful integration from products to brands, and once became a leader in today's industry. Standing in the forefront of the industry, Caihong people are well aware of their great importance. Caihong has the obligation to create a standardized and harmonious market order, so that when the indenter contacts the test piece and the load on the dynamometer is zero, the industry gradually tends to be rational, so that consumers can buy at ease

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