Hottest 2007 Yanxiang EIP technology exchange meet

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In recent years, with the further development of electronic technology in the field of industrial control, the research and application of embedded technology has shown a good momentum of rapid progress. It has been widely used in information, safety production, aerospace, environmental monitoring, transportation, chemical industry and other aspects, and has become an indispensable part of people's life. How to use the latest embedded technology to serve social problems that need to be solved urgently, such as eliminating the urban-rural information gap, improving the efficiency of safe production, enhancing environmental monitoring and preventing natural disasters, is not only a technical problem in front of practitioners in the embedded field in China today, but also our obligation to build a harmonious Chinese society in the new century

in the past few years, under the leadership and support of relevant national associations and societies, Yanxiang intelligent Co., Ltd. has successfully hosted many embedded technology seminars and summit forums in provinces, cities and regions across the country. The latest embedded technology and its applications released have attracted great attention and active participation from all walks of life. On the basis of widely absorbing and integrating the opinions and suggestions of all parties, Yanxiang company will continue to host the 2007 EIP technology exchange meeting. We will combine Intel's latest chip technology and embedded products, proceed from the reality of each enterprise and the most urgent problems in each region, Discuss with authorities from all walks of life in the domestic embedded industry and well-known manufacturers about the application of embedded technology in today's Chinese society. Businesses need to meet certain requirements, and do their part to build a harmonious and peaceful information society

II. Conference organization:

Introduction to the latest embedded hardware/software products, analysis of the latest embedded applications, dialysis of embedded development trends, and improvement of brand awareness and brand "core" competitiveness of excellent embedded manufacturers

use advanced multimedia demonstration means to show the latest embedded products and technologies of excellent embedded manufacturers at home and abroad; The latest embedded scientific research achievements of colleges and universities

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