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2006 PTC Asia Luo Sheng Enterprise icing on the cake on October 10, ptcasia and cematasia opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center

the biggest feature of Asia Power Transmission Exhibition and Asia Logistics Exhibition this year is that the exhibition scale continues to expand and international exhibitors are enthusiastic. In the field of power transmission and control technology, Asia Power Transmission Exhibition has become the first brand exhibition in Asia and the second in the world. This year, the total number of exhibitors of the two exhibitions is 1600, with an exhibition area of 69200 square meters, an increase of 25% and 9% respectively compared with last year. The 13 exhibition groups from Germany, the United States, Britain, Italy, Spain, France, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions gathered together, so that the audience could see the world's most advanced industrial technology and equipment without going abroad

there are many highlights in this Asian Power Transmission Exhibition:

① electromechanical hydro pneumatic integrated products and bus control technology have increased significantly

② exhibits have extended from component products to manufacturing technology and application technology

③ energy-saving, environmental friendly and efficient products have gradually become the main body of exhibits

④ small and medium-sized enterprises and specialized production enterprises are very active, and small products and large market products are developing towards specialization, specialty, refinement and personalization

⑤ scientific research institutes and colleges enter the market in the form of enterprises to promote the process of high-tech industrialization

this year's Asian Power Transmission Exhibition specially named the theme "innovation and development, providing comprehensive solutions for transmission control for the equipment manufacturing industry". In order to have high speed, there will be no low speed or low speed, there will be no high speed. In line with the theme of the exhibition, Luosheng specially prepared practical dynamic demonstration cases to make four transmission systems: linear transmission, rotary transmission, pneumatic transmission and belt transmission. The main parts of the system are integrated by Luosheng products. Among them, the electrical control parts are: human-machine interface, PLC, frequency converter, servo controller, solenoid valve, etc; Driving parts include: servo motor, precision small motor, cylinder, pneumatic manipulator, etc; Transmission parts include: linear guide rail, ball screw, precision linear module lower guide spindle (15), sub disc (16), linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), experimental force sensor (19), friction force sensor (20), thrust ball bearing (21), back nut (22), knurled screw 23. Operations (22) and (23) are necessary when replacing collets and loading and unloading various friction pairs. Linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide spindle (15) move up and down, with small friction, light and flexible, It can make it have high sensitivity when applying experimental force, and the bearing (18) can make the digital display accurate and reliable when transmitting friction force. Gears, racks, precision servo reducers, couplings, clutch brakes, etc. show the configuration and composition of the four most representative transmission modes today

as a large transmission control service provider in Asia, Luosheng focuses on the concept of "one stophopping" and has a complete range of exhibits. At this PTC exhibition, Luosheng booth can be described as a style of everyone, attracting many professionals to visit. Guests first watch the dynamic integration system, and then go to the single product booth to watch one by one. There are also some intentions. During the synthesis process of traditional plastic additives, guests directly consult on specific projects. Many guests said that Luosheng is very influential in the industry and can blurt out several major products of Luosheng, such as linear guideways, ball screws, human-machine interfaces, racks, precision servo reducers, couplings and other products. Some guests have always been Luosheng's customers. This time, the industry has adopted technologies such as modified asphalt, lignin preparation, polyolefin preparation, high-strength PANCF precursor, energy-saving processing energy and so on to reduce the cost of carbon fiber production. Come to Luosheng's booth to see if there are new products and technologies participating in the exhibition; Some guests learned about Luosheng company through contact, and this time they came to the exhibition site to confirm Luosheng's actual products; Some came to confirm Luo Sheng's strength through the introduction of friends, made acquaintance with Luo Sheng, and prepared to cooperate with Luo Sheng

① Luosheng booth is shining. Welcome to visit

② customers who are ready to cooperate with Luosheng are consulting solutions for actual engineering projects

③ the guests are very interested in the running transmission

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