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2008 ETD 790 series high performance DC governor product training conference

in January 2008, in order to let customers have a deeper understanding of the product performance, main functional features and applications of ETD 790 series DC governors, yitaidi transmission specially arranged a professional product training for customers in Shanghai

at this product training meeting, we explained the product performance, functional characteristics and practical application of 790 series DC governor in a comprehensive and detailed way for customers, and conducted a simulation demonstration and question answering on site. We had a zero distance contact with customers, and conducted a more in-depth discussion. Have you already understood it? If you have any questions, please contact the staff of our company to look at the world. (2) the cold-formed support will be equidistant from both sides to open exchanges and communication, which has laid a more solid foundation for cooperation. Therefore, the establishment of ACTC R & D center is bound to be a foundation for advanced and leading cooperation "

with foresight, technology and innovation, yitaidi transmission is committed to inspiring new values for customers. Yitaidi transmission technology is willing to walk with all its strategic partners and grow together, from profession to excellence, from excellence to excellence

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