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Research and Analysis on the prosperity of China's color box industry in 2006 (Part 2)

environmental protection: new profit growth point

on November 22, Nestle's several kinds of baby milk were recalled in four European countries including Italy, France, Spain and Portugal due to suspected contamination. The reason was that in a routine quality inspection conducted by the Environmental Protection Institute of the greater malcay region, it was found that Nestle's baby formula milk with sterile composite packaging using UV printing process contained itx, That is, isopropylthiamethone. Tetra Pak provided this package to Nestle. The Tetra Pak ink leakage incident once again raised people's awareness of food packaging safety and increased people's attention to packaging components

objectively speaking, although the concept of "environmental protection" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, domestic enterprises as a whole have not been able to really promote it, which may be due to the pressure of cost or the lag of concept. However, Jinjia and other famous cigarette label printing enterprises in the industry have taken the lead in using American gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in the same industry. Through the whole process tracking and testing of incoming raw materials and ex factory products, we can ensure that the content of volatile chemicals in packaging and printing products can be effectively controlled. Adopting environmentally friendly materials and technologies often requires corresponding improvement and adjustment of production technology. From the forward-looking measures of leading enterprises such as Jinjia, other printing enterprises should indeed step up their pace. Anyway, environmental protection is one direction after all. Whoever occupies the strategic commanding height will take the lead

I believe that the next five years will be a five-year period when people's packaging knowledge will soar and environmental protection requirements will be truly implemented in production rather than in slogans, and China's packaging will truly move towards environmental protection

intellectual property rights: trampling on intellectual property rights will become the first of all kinds of packaging economic disputes

at present, there is a general lack of awareness of intellectual property rights in the industry, and the new products developed by themselves have not been protected by applying for patent rights in time. Often, a product of an enterprise has just been developed and put on the market, and other enterprises will soon copy it; Or even if developers want to pursue other imitation manufacturers, they have to end up without applying for intellectual property protection. In addition, the upgrading speed of products is too slow to catch up with the speed of low-level repeated production. Many enterprises are busy expanding the market for existing products, copying and plagiarizing other people's equipment products, and do not consider how to upgrade mechanical products or realize technological innovation at all

imitation and plagiarism in product design and packaging design has also become a strategy adopted by many small enterprises in actual operation, and there have been many cases of imitating others' packaging to sell counterfeit products in the market. Seeking the protection of intellectual property rights in packaging design is urgently placed in front of many enterprises. The main reasons for the proliferation of such violations are the lack of a sound judicial system in society, the lack of necessary management awareness and mechanism in government departments, and the lack of creative designers in enterprises

therefore, the voice for strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights is also growing. In order to strive for more obvious results in China's intellectual property protection work, the State Council decided that from September 2004 to August 2005, the national intellectual property working group would take the lead in organizing and carrying out special actions for the protection of intellectual property across the country to carry out special rectification of intellectual property protection in key areas, key links and key areas. This fully demonstrates China's position and determination in IPR protection

tobacco industry restructuring: the strong are stronger and the weak are weaker

in 2005, China tobacco began to enter the "secondary integration" - promoting the joint restructuring and brand expansion of enterprises at a higher level and at a higher level. Many small and medium-sized cigarette package printing enterprises are facing the situation of changing production or sharp decline in business. At the same time, the tobacco restructuring has put forward higher requirements for the printing quality of cigarette packs and the strength of suppliers. Therefore, some printing enterprises with relatively good benefits have increased equipment investment to meet the new requirements of cigarette factories: for example, Shenzhen Jinjia still pays attention to the sirudi gravure printing machine; Wuhan Hongjinlong is more optimistic about Swiss boster gravure printing equipment; Guilin aoqun newly purchased Manroland 7+2 offset press; Xuchang Yongchang printing is planning to invest in Italian CMR equipment; Nanjing Sanlong Packaging Co., Ltd. has introduced Komori ShangBang gravure printing machine, etc. The reorganization of tobacco also has a great impact on paper, ink, equipment and other suppliers. For example, in response to the reorganization of fo as the cross-sectional area of the sample in the tobacco industry, ceroody launched the drum gravure printing machine + online sheet cutting machine (electronic shaft) printing equipment. This combined equipment has strong flexibility, high speed, excellent printing effect, and can better meet the market demand. In addition, the high-speed gravure printing machine launched by boster and the electronic axis high-speed paper automatic gravure printing machine launched by Zhongshan Songde are all born in response to tobacco integration

in the coming period, the restructuring of the tobacco industry in the first November of this year will further exert its great influence, making the strong stronger and the weak weaker. The competition between cigarette label printing enterprises will become the competition between the strong, which will drive the new reform of cigarette label printing technology. In view of the reorganization of the tobacco industry, the drum gravure printing machine + online sheet cutting machine (electronic shaft) printing equipment will be the most correct choice for cigarette label printing enterprises. This combination has strong flexibility, which can better meet the market demand, improve the speed, and make full use of the printing capacity of the equipment

link: Cyrus Sony has trial produced all solid batteries with solid electrolyte materials. Ms. Yao lanli, general manager of China Co., Ltd., believes that the restructuring of the tobacco industry and brand compression have ushered in a broader development space for gravure printing equipment and technology. In the future, Cyrus will pay more attention to technological innovation, equipment improvement and service improvement in the field of tobacco packaging and printing in China, And will be committed to becoming a provider of comprehensive solutions for cigarette packs. For example, on the key point of gravure technology development, on the off-line jump seam, serudi has carried out many key research experiments. At present, the project is in the active promotion stage, and has initially achieved gratifying results

the once fixed customers and stable sources are now constantly being challenged. Zhang Jian, technical director of Qingdao limatun Packaging Co., Ltd., frankly said that the tobacco industry is a special and complex industry, involving many links and aspects, especially the finance, taxation, employment, etc. of local governments. Therefore, the integration and change of tobacco have a huge and far-reaching impact on downstream cigarette label printing enterprises

Mr. Yin Zemin of Huaiyin cigarette factory said that the impact of tobacco integration on cigarette factories is huge and will have a profound impact on tobacco packaging. This helps to solve the problem of redundant PE production capacity in the world. Standard printing enterprises should not only adapt to the large-scale cigarette label operation of cigarette factories, but also meet the operation speed of advanced processes, and put forward higher requirements for their supporting equipment and technical strength, such as multi process combination technology, shaftless transmission technology, etc

large format printing: a new bright spot in the printing field

nowadays, large format printing is becoming a new bright spot in the printing field. In the field of offset printing, the large format printing machines launched in recent years include Roland r900xl, R900, gaobao rapid205, Heidelberg cd105xl, etc., and are gradually integrating various digital control and wired processing devices to realize the high-efficiency production mode of "data input and product output"

from the recent sales situation, people's interest in large format printing and the purchase of equipment have increased significantly. Take gaobao as an example. In the past two years, nearly 30 units of libida have been sold in Zhejiang alone. "The domestic demand for full sheets will be increasing, and will tend to be larger in the future. It is expected that the domestic sales of large format new machines should be about 10 per year!" Mr. Wang Lianbiao, general manager of leaflet sales in gaobao China, made a forecast for the domestic large format printing market

food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing enterprises have increased demand for the delicacy of medium to large packaging; The purchase volume of end-user enterprises increases, and zero inventory requirements urgently require printers to improve production efficiency; The size of the packing box becomes larger, and the increase of the complex box directly increases the area of the color box; The pressure of purchasing cost control of user enterprises has increased; The development of micro corrugated boxes... These demands require packaging and printing enterprises to respond quickly and take effective technical solutions. It is in this way that the advantages of large format printing processing technology have been unprecedented

micro corrugated box: a rising star in the packaging field

micro corrugated box packaging with high packaging strength, low production cost and exquisite printing is becoming a rising star in the packaging field, and has been selected by more and more users of household appliances, food, chemicals, electronic products and other types in the Chinese market. The demand of micro corrugated packaging market is about 20billion pieces per year, and the annual growth rate continues to maintain at 4.7%. Accordingly, by 2010, the number of micro corrugated packaging will reach 32billion. It is predicted that micro corrugated cardboard will replace most folded cardboard for packaging boxes

micro corrugated packaging has great market potential, especially in China. With the continuous improvement of packaging grade and the continuous reduction of packaging cost required by users, more and more enterprises will use micro corrugated packaging

link: China's first "Ai Xicui" wide environmental protection material composite paperboard production line was successfully installed and debugged in Shanghai Jielong

in August 2005, China's first "Ai Xicui" wide environmental protection material composite paperboard production line (asitrde in-line mpc-iii) was successfully installed and debugged in Shanghai Jielong group's overseas trade Jielong color printing factory

the production line can produce B, e, F, G and other corrugated boards with high strength and low weight. The maximum production speed can reach 10000 sheets per hour. The fully automated operation and control system makes it efficient, high precision, flexible and fast order replacement. In the process of mounting single-sided corrugated roll paper and offset flat paper, as well as single-sided corrugated roll paper and flexo and gravure preprint roll paper, the production line can eliminate the phenomenon of exposed edges when paperboard is mounted or printed, and produce exquisite corrugated paperboard with high flatness and good stiffness. The micro corrugated packaging products produced by this equipment rely on the embarrassing situation of importing from abroad

for the successful installation and commissioning of China's first "aixitui" wide environmental protection material composite paperboard production line (asitrde in-line mpc-iii), Ren duanzheng, general manager of the printing business department of Shanghai Jielong Industrial Co., Ltd., said: "the successful installation and commissioning of this equipment will have an important impact on China's packaging industry, especially the production and application of micro corrugated packaging products. Low gram weight and high-strength corrugated packaging is conducive to saving paper resources and better providing high-quality packaging materials for the consumer goods packaging market."

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