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It took mankind thousands of years to turn paper into money. Now we can do better.

the world best seller brief history of mankind summarizes the history of human development. Similarly, looking back on the development history of human civilization, we can clearly see that the small paper as a carrier is the crystallization of wisdom condensing the development of human civilization and science and technology. Since the day when paper was born, with the continuous enrichment of application scenarios, the improvement of paper performance has become the commanding height that human beings need to overcome all the time. Among the constantly emerging "special paper", making "paper into money" is definitely one of the major achievements of the development of human civilization

+ China is the first country to turn paper into money.

as early as the Northern Song Dynasty, more than 1000 years ago, the world's first paper money - "Jiaozi" appeared in Sichuan. Compared with metal money, paper money was cheap and easy to carry and circulate, which greatly promoted the economic development at that time. However, with the birth of banknotes, counterfeit banknotes also followed, and banknote anti-counterfeiting has become the number one proposition

+ paper becomes banknotes, and anti-counterfeiting is the key.

how to prevent counterfeiting of early banknotes? According to the history of Song Dynasty, the "official Jiaozi" of Song Dynasty was printed on Chu paper: "Sichuan paper is used as much as possible, with both refined materials and meticulous workmanship". In addition to special paper, multi-color overprint, stamping, changing patterns and other means will be used to improve anti-counterfeiting technology. With the development of banknotes, the anti-counterfeiting technology has become increasingly hard core. Common means include the use of security inks with anti-counterfeiting performance, the suppression of watermarks, and the embedding of magnetic security lines. The high demand for scientific and technological content has also greatly raised the threshold for counterfeiting. In other words, you can't do the "porcelain work" of coinage without the "diamond"

in fact, paper is the key to improving the development of aviation logistics. Banknote paper in various countries generally belongs to special paper. Paper is the important material and technical basis of paper money. The printing technology and quality level should be reflected on a piece of banknote paper, and the banknote paper itself should have anti-counterfeiting technology

therefore, qualified banknote paper must ensure that people can identify counterfeit banknotes through appearance, touch and tilt banknotes. The visible and invisible safety features on banknote paper can also be tested by high-tech scanners. At the same time, it should also provide convenience and guarantee for blind and visually impaired people to identify banknotes

+ paper money security can be done better now

now, Voith banknote paper and anti-counterfeiting paper machine have reached the latest anti-counterfeiting standards. It not only provides the whole line supply service of paper machine, but also strictly monitors all processes in the production process of paper machine, fully realizing automation. The banknote paper produced by Voith Paper machine has a unique power battery, which greatly improves the appearance and touch in the overall utilization of lithium-ion batteries, and can better present banknote watermarks and anti-counterfeiting safety lines, which is convenient for people in different countries to recognize and recognize banknotes of various denominations

in fact, the core step in the production process of banknote paper is the web forming part. Voith has improved the round groove mastervat and shortformer (used for the web forming of the first layer of double-layer products). These components are combined with superior multi-level watermarks and firmly embedded windows safety line equipment to ensure the production of high-quality and high-strength paper, which provides the best platform foundation for the creative design of banknotes

and it has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high accuracy, fast response and so on + the first choice of many partners around the world

with cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology and technology, Voith has become the first choice partner for many customers who produce anti-counterfeiting paper products

smartech predicts that Paek materials will become the most profitable field in the field of advanced thermoplastic 3D printing.

as a whole line supplier, Voith provides whole line equipment for different paper types.

Voith is committed to producing the most cutting-edge banknote paper and anti-counterfeiting paper machines to ensure the safety of all kinds of currencies in the world. Voith paper machine makes the production process of banknote paper safe and reliable. With professional technology and engineering design, more paper enterprises can achieve high safety and high automation. In the future, Voith will make persistent efforts to safeguard the safety of banknotes through advanced whole line services and high-tech solutions

the history of "paper changing into money" is the history of continuous progress of human civilization. We constantly strive to create civilized achievements and live a "yearning life". From now on, please pay more attention to the surrounding "paper" and "money". You must feel that they are the double marks of civilization and technology

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