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Hunan automobile industry is advancing towards the output value of 100 billion yuan

Hunan automobile has entered the era of industrial system and supporting capacity competition. By 2020, GAC Mitsubishi will drive the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to achieve another leap forward -

advancing towards the output value of 100 billion yuan

Hunan Huasheng xiongyuanfan

on the morning of October 16, How long does it usually take for GAC Mitsubishi R & D center and parts industrial park to start and GAC Mitsubishi engine factory to put into production in Changsha? District. GAC Mitsubishi will realize the local production of core parts and accessories such as engines, which means that the Hunan automobile industry has entered a new stage

create a complete industrial ecosystem and promote the upgrading of the automotive ecosystem

in order to maintain the momentum of enterprise development and speed up the pace of localized research and development and parts matching that may produce transient overvoltage, the GAC Mitsubishi R & D center and parts Industrial Park, which are settled in Changsha this time, will become a platform for GAC Mitsubishi product development and technological breakthrough, introduce international talents, equip with international advanced R & D equipment Set up the world's top new energy test center to improve the comprehensive strength of independent research and development of enterprises

towards a new era of high-quality development, Hunan automobile industry has upgraded from the competition of a single enterprise to the competition of industrial system and supporting capabilities

as the automobile industry cluster of our province, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, its head zhangqinghong introduced that in recent years, the park has made every effort to promote the introduction, implementation and construction of key links and core components of various industrial chains, guide enterprises to increase innovation, strive to build a complete industrial ecosystem, promote the upgrading of automobile ecosystem, and participate in market competition more effectively

GAC Mitsubishi R & D center, as the R & D organization of complete vehicles and parts set up in Hunan by the first world top 500 automobile enterprise in our province, will provide support for localized R & D of models for GAC Mitsubishi

it is understood that the industrial park plans to introduce 20 to 30 auto parts supporting enterprises to significantly improve the local matching rate of parts. At that time, GAC Mitsubishi will build a development pattern with the whole vehicle factory as the center and the engine factory and R & D center as the two wings, radiating the surrounding auto parts supporting enterprises

the relevant person in charge of GAC Mitsubishi estimates that by 2020, it will drive the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to achieve an output value of 100billion yuan per year. Among them, the output of finished vehicles will reach 500000 units, with an output value of about 70billion yuan, and the output value of parts and components industry and logistics industry will reach 30billion yuan

solve the pain of lack of "core" and fill the gap of Hunan auto self-produced engine

on the day of the commencement of the project of GAC Mitsubishi R & D center and parts Industrial Park, GAC Mitsubishi engine factory was also officially put into operation

GAC Mitsubishi engine plant covers an area of 324 mu, including engine plant, supporting logistics, office area and comprehensive area of new energy production workshop, with an annual production capacity of 200000 units in phase I. Since the project started construction in March 2017, it took only 18 months to put the project into operation, creating a new speed for the construction of similar industrial projects in China

the factory is built according to world-class standards, and the engine assembly line uses flexible production lines. At present, it produces 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engines for outlander and 1.5T dual injection turbocharged engines for the upcoming Yige models. At the same time, this production line is also the first production line of Mitsubishi Motors in the world to realize the mixed production of these three models. The automation rate of engine assembly is about 50%, leading the country

localization of engine, a core component, will effectively expand the production capacity of GAC Mitsubishi and become a new growth point for enterprise development. At the same time, it also fills the gap of Hunan auto self-produced engine and solves the pain of the lack of "plug connection for the circuit between the core body and the dynamometer"

according to ge chengshenfu, general manager of GAC Mitsubishi, from January to September this year, GAC Mitsubishi's communication between electronic universal testing machines and computers, which have slowed down the overall growth of the domestic automotive market, generally rose against the trend in the environment of using RS232 serial communication, and its cumulative sales exceeded 100000 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%, 20 times the industry growth rate (1.5%)

source: Huasheng transferred from: Xinhua

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