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On September 26, at the 2014 fourth Central South agricultural machinery and electrical products trade exhibition, the "Zhonglian Guwang Cup" Hunan Baijia agricultural machinery cooperative selection activity, sponsored by Hunan Agricultural Machinery Bureau and undertaken by Zoomlion, was officially launched. The chairmen of more than 100 agricultural machinery professional cooperatives from all over Hunan attended the launching ceremony. Relevant leaders of the Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, Hunan Provincial CPPCC, Hunan provincial and municipal and county agricultural machinery bureaus attended the launching ceremony

Hunan top 100 cooperatives selection Zoomlion helps the hundred million project

this year, Hunan Province launched the hundred million project, and the construction of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives has achieved remarkable results. The number of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the province has increased, the service capacity has been greatly improved, the management and operation have been gradually standardized, and the operating benefits have become increasingly considerable

at the launching ceremony, Wang Luofang, director of Hunan Agricultural Machinery Administration, announced that, "In order to speed up the process of agricultural modernization in our province, this year, our province launched two 'hundred million' projects, which plan to support the construction of 500 small-scale Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives with mechanized rice production process that are easy to get stuck in the recycling machine. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives voluntarily established by farmers will further increase subsidies for Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives that still have a huge gap compared with the international advanced level. This joint Zoomlion launched the selection of the top 100 cooperatives will help Hunan agricultural machinery cooperation." Social development has reached a new milestone. "

"in order to boost the 'hundred and ten million project' and implement the selection activities of the top 100 cooperatives, Zoomlion Heavy Industry will provide customized solutions for the whole process mechanization of agricultural production according to the characteristics of agriculture, give full play to the advantages of innovative services, agronomic integration, financial services, etc., greatly improve the quality and level of the development of cooperatives, and effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of cooperatives." The head of Zoomlion agricultural machinery said

the selection results of Hunan top 100 cooperatives in the "Zoomlion Valley King Cup" will be announced in August next year due to the comparison of cheapness and dynamic limits. The cooperatives that have successfully won the evaluation will receive policy support from the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery and Zoomlion Heavy Industry in terms of professional training, technical guidance, financing support, information platform, agricultural machinery talent development, learning and exchange, and machine purchase concessions

during the event, a user handover ceremony in Hunan Province was also held, and 10 representatives of the chairman of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives from all over Hunan Province took the "key" from the guests

Peng Pingping, the chairman of Xiangtan nongbang cooperative with a business area of more than 30000 mu, is a loyal user of "Guwang" and "gengwang". She commented that "Guwang" and "gengwang" products have advanced technology, excellent quality and guaranteed service. At present, "Guwang" and "gengwang" have become the most popular agricultural machinery brands in Hunan agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, Grain Growers, family farms and the majority of machine operators. This year, the sales volume of "Guwang" rice harvester and "gengwang" tractor in Hunan has doubled, and "Guwang" dryer continues to lead the market, ranking first in market share

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