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Will humans be replaced by AI? NO!!! Human beings join hands with AI to create a better future

we mentioned earlier that the value of human services in the contact center is irreplaceable. Today, we will introduce how Genesys organically combines AI and human services to create an excellent customer experience through hybrid AI

at present, almost all enterprises are exploring the application methods of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the profitability of enterprises. However, many times, enterprises tend to ignore human factors and it is difficult to promote AI to a new height. Only by mixing AI and human services, can enterprises improve the experience of customers' thermal deformation temperature of 200 ℃ across the whole customer journey and achieve the enterprise goal

kate:genesys customer experience ai

kate is a personification that integrates AI, automation, and machine learning technologies across all Genesys product lines, helping enterprises deliver personalized, proactive, and predictive customer experiences

genesys hybrid ai:

combine the advantages of Kate and human services to better solve customer problems. We call it: Genesys hybrid AI

what kind of sparks will AI spark when combined with human beings

provide customers with the information they need through their preferred channels, making every interaction highly personalized. Relying on knowledge management and natural language understanding ability, Kate can finally say that with the help of customer data, situational background, and the power of AI, she can automatically deliver services. Kate can provide customers and employees with correct information and create a consistent experience across all channels

kate can interact with customers in conversation across voice and digital channels. Kate is natively integrated with the whole Genesys suite, and can seamlessly switch between manual service and self-service when needed, while retaining all relevant history information. For example, if you fail to pay on the company's website, call the contact center for help. Kate will know this information and automatically route you to the appropriate seat to help you complete the transaction

when employees are needed to deal with complex problems, Kate will seamlessly transfer the detailed customer history information required to continue the conversation to employees. Kate can also help the artificial agent reply, provide insight and training for the agent, and help the agent do his best. For example, Kate works closely with employees to implement the process and provide them with guidance for the next step. With Kate, employees can acquire knowledge and supervisors can learn how to make more intelligent planning

deliberately write specific indicators high across all channels to realize the seamless transition between chat robots and human services, and provide customers with an excellent experience whenever they interact with you. Kate connects all sessions, creates a more intelligent seating experience, and realizes personalized customer service

about Genesys

Genesys provides more than 25billion best customer experiences worldwide every year. We have successfully built a stable and smooth daily interactive conversation for our customers and employees in any channel. More than 10000 enterprises and government agencies from more than 100 countries with odor levels ≤ 2.5 (vda270 test standard) trusted Genesys, chose this industry's first customer experience platform, achieved significant business results and established lasting and stable customer relationships. Integrating the best technology and human wisdom, the Genesys solution can not only truthfully reflect users' demands, but also actually meet users' expectations. Our industry-leading solutions, whether in the cloud or self built, can operate in the same way, provide the same functions, and nourish real Omni channel interaction. Experience the benefits of communication: Fluency, directness and skill gain! Follow and Genesys Weibo, twitter, Facebook, youtube, LinkedIn, genesysblog and Genesys

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