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Sharing the application of dispensing technology in 3C industry

with the popularity of adhesives in the electronic field, the demand for dispensing equipment is more complex and diverse. In recent years, with the "rapid progress" of the intelligent 3C industry, a new round of market expansion and growth opportunities have been ushered in. On the afternoon of July 20, 2017, the "dispensing and adhesive industry Salon - Application Sharing of dispensing technology in 3C industry", initiated by the organizer of 2018 productronica China in Munich, was held in Shanghai. Leading enterprises in the industry such as haole, nuoxin EFD, pushma plasma, schogenfrog, axis, gurek, etc. shared application cases respectively. At the salon, personnel from Henkel, Xiamen Shirui, Mingsai, Marco, DYMAX, act dispensing, Debon technology, dopag and other manufacturers shared the latest technologies and applications in the field of dispensing equipment and adhesives with users from 3C electronic manufacturing industry, and answered questions and answers about various technical problems encountered in the actual production process raised by users

panacol adhesive application in the field of consumer electronics - Dr. shaojianyi, general manager of haole UV technology trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

panacol is a member of haole group in Germany, which mainly focuses on the field of industrial adhesives. Its product line is relatively rich, mainly including UV adhesives (including epoxy and acrylic types), structural adhesives (including epoxy adhesives and 2 - C acrylic acids), conductive and thermal conductive adhesives Quick drying glue (mainly used in the medical industry), inorganic glue (high temperature resistance up to thousands of degrees), etc. In the consumer electronics industry, USB waterproof technology is a hot topic. For example, USB is a very important waterproof port. The basic requirements of sealing can be achieved by using glue, and the specified waterproof grade must be achieved to ensure that the FPCB connected to it has a certain bendability; Other requirements include adhesion fastness, curing speed and strict requirements for glue fluidity. Haole's new product St 8804 is specially designed, with good fluidity, very low shrinkage, and very firm adhesion to device materials, so as not to open the glue and form a gap, which can perfectly achieve the waterproof effect. In addition, panacol also has a class of products, VI UD 5180 series, which are mainly used for sealing SMT components and parts to play a protective role. The biggest feature is that the curing method is flexible, which can be cured by UV alone, or by heating alone, or UV first and then heating. The product VI UV 2800 is mainly used for gold wire protection around the force touch chip. VI UD 8050 features UV and moisture curing. Another product, St 8838, is a low-temperature rapid curing product with good bonding strength. Therefore, panacol provides very rich solutions in the 3C industry

application case sharing of dispensing equipment in 3C industry - Feng Shaoxu, application technology manager of Nordson EFD in China

as a subsidiary of Nordson, Nordson EFD is a first-class equipment manufacturer specializing in the design and production of precision dispensing equipment. Many product lines of the company can provide supporting application solutions for the manufacturing processes of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other fluids commonly used in the industry. In 3C industry, Nordson has a series of rich products. For example, the injection valve system liquidyn p-jet, v-100 controller can be filled with 3M adhesion promoter 111 for the bonding between the screen and the shell. The injection valves 787, 741 and valvemate8000 can be filled with 3M primer 94. After pretreatment with alcohol, glue the side keys. Pico pulse, Pico touch, pro4 can be filled with threebond 3026u (UV anaerobic glue), used for dispensing on vibrating motors, or loctite UV 9060f, used to successfully introduce nylon into the filling and protection of PCD in 3D printing industry, or Henkel QMI 536nb (Teflon filler) used for filling and protection of sensors

plasma technology cleaning, activation and coating treatment - Chen Yidong, general manager of pushma plasma treatment equipment trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

plasma is a leading global manufacturer of plasma equipment and a global supplier of plasma surface treatment technology. Any pasting will involve three aspects: material a and its surface, glue, material B and its surface, so for pasting, it is not only the problem of glue, but also the problem of surface. Through plasma surface treatment technology, material surface pollution (electrostatic charge, dust particles, organic pollutants, release agent) can be removed. Using openair plasma activation technology can realize material surface modification, significantly improve the wettability of the material surface and change the surface tension of the material. In addition, through the plasma plus plasma polymer coating technology, ultra-thin transparent nano coatings can be deposited on the surface of the materials, and selective local coating can be carried out on the metal materials on the bonding surface, so as to improve the corrosion resistance of the materials. Plasma coating is carried out on the metal surface to provide a stable bonding interface through insert injection molding, so as to solve the waterproof problem of 3C products. The temperature of low-temperature plasma flame can be controlled within 100 ℃, and the potential applied to the product is less than 0.6V, which will not damage PCB or electronic components

analysis of glue injection scheme in 3C industry -- you Linfeng, sales director of shaggen Rofuge

the application of glue injection technology is very important in the production process of electrical and electronic equipment. In recent years, the demand of 3C industry for the specialization of glue injection technology has also increased significantly. Schengen rofuger is a German glue injection technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly involved in the manufacturing of wearable devices, laptops, cameras and other products in the 3C industry. For example, laptop CPU and chip dispensing (the connection of the motherboard meets the quality needs of customers in a timely manner, and the bottom of the flip chip is filled with glue and CPU heat-conducting silicone), laptop shell bonding (CPU, chips, board, flip chip); The touch screen of tablet computer is bonded with LCD, front frame, composite shell structure, rear cover, sub components, lens label, battery, etc. In addition, there are screen and frame bonding, shell bonding, key bonding and fixing, side key bonding and fixing, camera module packaging, bonding, bonding, logo bonding, bottom filling of sensor, four sides of holder and PCB joint, lens and holder joint, speaker fixation, etc

dispensing challenges and new trends in the production of intelligent products - Liu baidang, sales manager of Shenzhen axis automatic control technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen axis automatic control technology Co., Ltd. is particularly focused on high-precision dispensing processes in intelligent electronic industries, including cameras, PCB motherboards, batteries, vibrating motors, touch screens, FPCs, etc. For 3C industry, axis automation shared three typical intelligent dispensing application cases. The first is the narrow margin underfill. The main challenges are: 0.2mm extremely narrow glue overflow width, no holes, no bubbles, no scattered points, etc. Axis automatic control adopts oblique glue spraying to solve the problem of glue overflow width and scattered points, and uses chip body recognition technology to make positioning accurate, filling evenly and fully, and finally achieve perfect dispensing effect. Secondly, for the application of component encapsulation, the switch dispensing technology of axis automatic control is mainly used in tact switch welding encapsulation, welding foot encapsulation +underfill, and surrounding encapsulation. The passing rate of axis body identification method can reach 100%, and the width of glue overflow can reach 0.3mm, which is leading in the industry. Finally, the application of narrow frame hot melt adhesive. Taking the bonding of screen frame as an example, the process difficulty is as follows: 1 Dispensing gap and dispensing, but there is a certain difficulty in the implementation of the external wall self insulation system. The width is very small, 2 Stability of linewidth, 3 High efficiency is required. Using the axis high-performance platform and stable piezoelectric valve, the limit linewidth is 0.25mm, and the stable mass production linewidth is 0.38mm, which can realize the automatic weighing and compensation of the software, ensure the consistency of the glue volume, and quickly respond to customer needs and customize the software functions

solutions for gurek thermal conductive material fluid application equipment - Xing Shuanglu, sales director of gurek fluid equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

gurek is a world leader in the field of fluid processing systems and components. Its products are used for the transportation, measurement, control and feeding of a wide variety of fluids and viscose materials. There are various kinds of fluid materials, including single component, two-component, multi-component, heated, unheated, etc. Gurek has precision valve bodies and pump bodies suitable for different fluid materials. For example, the precision screw valve progressive cavity pump for abrasive fluid materials, the two-component precision metering valve pd44 for precision metering requirements, and the pump body matched with LSR liquid silicone rubber two-color injection molding provide integrated solutions for the electronics industry

"smart" is innovating. The 2018 Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition will be held again in March next year

2018 Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition (productronica China) will focus on the core theme of "smart" in innovation, and bring together more than 00 leading electronic manufacturing enterprises from Germany, Japan and other countries. 1,41. Any product will produce bad products in a certain period of time due to transportation, use, preservation, collision and vibration, We will work together to help China's electronic manufacturing industry restart and realize the transformation and upgrading of products and technologies with the innovative vision, ideas and technologies of globalization. The exhibition will open at Shanghai New International Expo Center (halls W1, E1, E2, E3) on March, 2018. Jointly held at the same time, electronica China in Munich will cover an area of 80000 square meters, and more than 70000 industry elites and buyers are expected to attend the event

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