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The purpose and reference standard of the drop tester

the drop tester is applied to the packaging and transportation industry, testing institutions, research institutes and other fields. It is one of Haida's developed products, and its sales volume has been very good in South China. Today, Haida technician introduces its testing method and purpose:

I. purpose

is mainly used to simulate the free fall that unpackaged/packaged products may suffer during handling, Inspect the ability of the product to resist accidental impact. Generally, the falling height is mostly based on the product weight and the possible falling probability as the reference standard, and the falling surface should be a smooth and hard rigid surface made of concrete or steel

II. Drop test

for different international specifications, even if the products are under the same weight, the drop height is different. For handheld products (such as MP3, etc.), most of the drop height ranges from 100cm to 150cm. IEC suggests that the drop height of 100cm should not be damaged for handheld products ≤ 2kg, mil suggests that the drop height is 122cm, and Intel handheld products (such as) suggest that the drop height is 150cm. The severity of the test depends on the drop height, drop times, and drop direction

III. business scope

1. Computer: computer, display screen, host, computer components, medical equipment and other precision instruments

2. Electronic communication: radio frequency devices, electronic communication components, etc

3. Electrical appliances: household appliances, lamps, transformers and other household appliances and electrical equipment

4. Others: packing cases, transportation equipment, etc

IV. the college entrance examination can provide manufacturers with a full set of solutions integrating color collection design, material development and molding technology: Standards:

1, gb/t 2423.8

2, ISTA during this period, the Soviet Union also developed some corresponding high-tech alloys

3, iec

4, gb/t4857.5, etc

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