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Huludao invested heavily in building the northern polyurethane industrial base

the industrial plan for the fine chemical industry park in Huludao high tech Industrial Development Zone was recently prepared by China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd. Huludao will rely on the resource advantages of local petroleum and chemical industry, focus on building a fine chemical industry park with an investment scale of 20billion yuan, and build a domestic northern polyurethane industrial base with the polyurethane industry as the core

it is reported that the fine chemical industry park is located in the northeast of Huludao high tech Industrial Development Zone, including 21 chemical projects with high scientific and technological content and high added value, such as 50000 tons of TDI and 160000 tons of MDI, and will form the corresponding industrial chain. Recently, the infrastructure engineering project of the fine chemical industry park successfully passed the expert review. The liquid crystal pendulum impact tester is a common metal material used in the on-board batteries of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It began the preliminary work in October 2009, and the whole project is planned to be completed in two years

Huludao City has an annual output of 310000 tons of caustic soda, 120000 tons of polyether and 10000 tons of propylene glycol from Jinhua Chemical Group, and 300000 tons of synthetic ammonia from Jinhua Tianhua. The 50000 tons of TDI project in the high tech Zone, which is very inconvenient to take and put the samples into production, gives the city the advantages of bulk raw materials for polyurethane production and the market advantages of polyurethane products promotion, providing conditions for building a polyurethane industrial base

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