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Human computer interaction: an important field neglected editor's note: the progress of China's reform and opening up over the past 30 years is obvious to all. All walks of life are booming, and manufacturing, it and automotive industries all need design. And these designs should not only be good-looking, but also easy to use. Now, people have to deal not only with machines, but also with objects and cars, which all require human-computer interfaces

hundreds of teachers and students who care about human-computer interaction listened to the first lecture of the "series of lectures of Chinese outstanding scholars on human-computer interaction"

mouse, keyboard, browser, touch screen...

when many people are still unfamiliar with the word "human-computer interaction", these landmark products of human-computer interaction technology have already penetrated into our daily life

now, with the emergence of new concepts and technologies such as IOT and CPS, the importance of human-computer interaction technology has become more prominent. In the process of integrating the real physical world and virtual information space, how to design a human-computer interaction interface that can be easily used by the public without learning has become one of the common concerns of Chinese and foreign scientists

from October 2009 to June 2010, the Chinese computer society, Microsoft Asia Research Institute and the Software Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly held a series of lectures on reducing energy consumption and emissions of six kinds of plastic packaging materials, and hoped to drive China's human-computer interaction to the world

around the current development of human-computer interaction in China, the latest progress of international cutting-edge technology and other topics, science times interviewed Hu Shimin, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese computer society and professor of the Department of computer science of Tsinghua University, Dai Guozhong, researcher of the Institute of software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hong Xiaowen, President of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, and many other experts

gap with the international frontier

like dongshihai, Professor of Peking University, Dai Guozhong is one of the earliest scholars in China to carry out human-computer interaction

Dai Guozhong told Science Times that human-computer interaction is the information technology closest to the public. The real understanding of computers by the general public begins with human-computer interaction. In the past, China's research in this area basically followed the foreign technical route, and there was a certain gap with the international cutting-edge research level. This is mainly reflected in the small scale of our research team

the reason, Hu Shimin told the science times, is mainly due to the characteristics of the human-computer interaction discipline itself

"under the leadership of our predecessors, after nearly 30 years of research, China's human-computer interaction has helped more than 20 practitioners realize their entrepreneurial dreams. With the support of many national research programs, it has achieved quite a lot of results." Hu Shimin said, however, because human-computer interaction is the product of the combination of computer science and cognitive psychology, and also involves ergonomics, sociology, physiology, medicine, linguistics, philosophy and many other disciplines, it is a highly comprehensive science, so it requires a high knowledge structure for researchers

"many scholars do not have the knowledge background to engage in human-computer interaction research, and are unwilling to invest a lot of energy in learning, which directly leads to the small scale and small number of personnel of human-computer interaction research team in China." Hu Shimin said

in recent years, human-computer interaction has become a neglected field and has not received due attention. After many old experts retire, young scholars gradually give up this field due to knowledge structure or other reasons, which is another reason for the decline of talents in tight space (mm): 380

however, when talking about the current situation of human-computer interaction research in China, Hu Shimin said: "at present, many domestic scientific research institutions and famous universities still regard human-computer interaction as an important scientific research direction, and pay more and more attention to it." For example, the Institute of software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Dalian Maritime University, Beijing University of technology and so on

among them, the Software Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the first units to start the research and development of human-computer interaction technology. Under the leadership of Dai Guozhong, the Institute has made a lot of distinctive research on pen interaction. In addition, the multi-channel interaction of Peking University, the integration of multimedia and interaction technology of Tsinghua University, and the touch interaction of Beijing University of technology have also achieved certain results, which have a relatively deep research foundation and conditions

however, "as the most important new technology in the computer field and the key to information technology serving the public, the scale and results of the team invested in human-computer interaction research in China do not match the importance of this discipline." Hu Shimin said that if a discipline wants to innovate, it must have a group of high-level research teams to promote each other, so as to create a good innovation environment and produce valuable innovation achievements. He hopes that with the help of activities such as the series of lectures of outstanding Chinese scholars on human-computer interaction, more Chinese scholars will pay attention to human-computer interaction and participate in it

future direction: natural user interface

on October 26, the first lecture of the "Chinese outstanding scholar series on human-computer interaction" was held at the Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Before the meeting, the team led by jameslanday, associate professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, and desneytan, researcher in the field of visualization and interaction at Microsoft American Research Institute, and Dai Guozhong demonstrated their latest achievements to the media respectively. That night, Jonathan grudin and desneytan, chief researchers of Microsoft American Research Institute, also introduced their research and development of the international cutting-edge human-computer interaction results to hundreds of Chinese teachers and students who are concerned about the development of this field, and expressed their views on this field

science times has a close contact with the ideanote developed by Dai Guozhong and others: holding a stylus and writing and drawing on a tablet like an ordinary pen, you can complete all the thinking work and save the final document in a formal format in the computer

Dai Guozhong told that mobile office is one of the mainstream applications of human-computer interaction in the future. People have four main activities: Thinking collection, communication, creation and making contributions in the way of work. The existing software technology is difficult to support the acquisition of thinking and the expression of creative thinking, so they developed this software, hoping to support the acquisition of the most important thinking in the four activities and solve the problems that traditional office software cannot solve

unlike Dai Guozhong, jameslanday focuses on the impact of human-computer interaction on people's daily activities. The ubigreen application he introduced, through the action inference technology, displays the traffic mode information adopted by the owner on the screen to remind the owner of the weekly use of vehicles and carbon dioxide emission reduction at any time. If the owner's mode of transportation can reduce the impact on the environment, such as walking, riding a bike or taking public transport, the software will give positive feedback on: the big tree on the screen will grow leaves and blossom, and bear big red apples

Desneytan is a young scholar born in Singapore and raised in the United States. According to him, in the history of the development of computer technology, the human-machine interface has experienced several major changes, from the control interface composed of indicator lights and mechanical switches in the 1940s and 1950s to the character interface composed of terminals and keyboards in the 1960s and 1970s, and then to the graphical user interface (GUI) since the 1980s. He believes that human-computer interaction in the future is a natural user interface. Without any learning, people can interact with computers very naturally, just like human interaction

opportunities for China

"with the development of CPS, IOT and other technologies, if the technical bottleneck of human-computer interaction is overcome, China will gain more opportunities than European and American countries." Hong Xiaowen told Science Times

according to him, since its establishment in 1975, human-computer interaction has always been one of the most important projects in the history of Microsoft. "Internet has existed since 1969. The reason why it can be so popular is actually because of the breakthrough of human-computer interface." Hong Xiaowen believes. Before the popularization of Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, and various databases actually existed, but few people used them. Until there was a browser, these applications were really widely used. This is a huge change similar to the industrial revolution brought about by the human-computer interface

it is understood that at present, Microsoft Research Asia has more than 200 researchers with doctoral degrees engaged in research work. They all have different educational backgrounds, such as studying computing technology, psychology, industrial design, programming, hardware, and even art design and equipment. Hong Xiaowen believes that human-computer interaction is one of the most interdisciplinary research in all disciplines

for this reason, he said, for example, human-computer interaction requires some core technologies, such as voice, vision and touch, and excellent human-computer interfaces can be made through interdisciplinary communication and cooperation

he believes that the progress of China's reform and opening up over the past 30 years is obvious to all. All walks of life are booming, and the manufacturing, it and automotive industries all need design. And these designs should not only be good-looking, but also easy to use. Now, people have to deal not only with machines, but also with objects and cars, which all require human-computer interfaces. "Therefore, now many people have begun to study the human-machine interface, which is a very important part of all kinds of innovation, and it touches the core of innovation." Hong Xiaowen said

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