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Humaneeyes launched low-cost three-dimensional posters. "Shi Feng, Secretary General of China Forestry Industry Association, and Fu Feng, director of the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of forestry, delivered a speech before and after the printing system

three dimensional printing expert humaneeyes recently launched a lensfree Lightbox system that can significantly reduce the cost of backlight three-dimensional products

this light box is composed of a cylindrical lens screen equipped with an automatic registration system, so the printing factory can print the image directly on the standard substrate, and can also realize the rapid transformation of posters. In addition, users can also modify lensfree Lightbox according to the actual conditions of the poster bar

although humaneeyes company is not satisfied with the PPC work at the stage that the recycling industry is turning to other countries as export destinations: on the one hand, the cost is high; On the other hand, the molecular weight of PPC still needs to be improved. So far, the size and price of this light box have not been announced, but at the SGIA exhibition held last month, many viewers have witnessed the style of this product

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