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Linyi applied for the city of rubber dam in China in the light of harmonious and green development of human and water. Recently, it was learned from the municipal water conservancy bureau that the trademark of "the city of rubber dam" in Linyi has been registered by the Department of industry and commerce. This is not only a trademark, but also a water conservancy brand that our city has sung in recent years. At present, our city is also applying for the "rubber dam capital of China". In the construction of water conservancy projects in our city, we pay more attention to the environment while paying attention to the function, so as to build a harmonious relationship between people and water and realize green development

Linyi City has built 85 rubber dams of all kinds

a water conservancy project with multiple functions such as flood control, irrigation, regulation and storage, power generation, water supply and tourism development - the rubber dam in the east of Xiaobu of Yihe River is one of the most beautiful scenic spots on Yihe River. The total length of the project is 1247.4 meters, of which the total length of the rubber dam is 1135 meters, consisting of 16 sections, each of which is 70 meters. The maximum storage capacity of the barrage is 28.3 million square meters, and the backwater length is 10.8 kilometers. After impounding, 16000 mu of water surface is formed, which is twice the area of the West Lake in Hangzhou. It has become a good place for Linyi citizens to relax, entertainment and sightseeing. In September, 2001, it was rated as one of the first batch of National Water Conservancy Scenic Spots by the Ministry of water resources, and it was the only unit in Shandong Province that won this honor at that time. At the same time, Yihe Xiaobudong rubber dam was selected into the fourth Guinness world record in 2006, which is the longest rubber dam in the world at present, and won the title of "ten most beautiful water projects" in 2016

in recent years, while vigorously carrying out the construction of water conservancy projects, our city has actively explored innovative and effective ways to control water and promote benefits, made full use of the advantages of many rivers, and took the lead in carrying out the design, construction and management of rubber dams. By the end of 2016, the city had invested about 2billion yuan to build 85 inflatable and water filled rubber dams covering 12 counties and districts and major river trunk roads in the city, with a cumulative water surface area of about 144 square kilometers and a water storage capacity of about 300million cubic meters. Moreover, another water conservancy project with water storage surface comparable to the two West Lakes - the main body of the Yihe River Bay water source project has been completed, which is another masterpiece of our city to increase the utilization of rainwater and flood resources. Yihe River Bay water source project is the largest newly-built detention project in our city in recent years, and it is also the first project in the water conservancy industry of our city to adopt the PPP (cooperation between government and social capital) mode. The project mainly includes the construction of river gates, water diversion gates on the East and West banks, bank revetments, beach remediation, management facilities and other projects. 43 gates are set in the project, and a secondary highway bridge is set on the gate. The main task of the project is to regulate and store the water from the upper reaches of Yihe River, and form a cascade water storage and dispatching layout with the upstream Gegou rubber dam and the downstream Chashan barrage, which is conducive to improving the contradiction between supply and demand of regional water resources. Through the optimal regulation of flood, the original flow regime of Yihe River can be protected, the sediment deposition in the river channel can be reduced, and the secondary disasters can be reduced. At the same time, we can actively develop optical fiber cables, optoelectronic materials and devices to increase water storage for agricultural irrigation and ecological water, and open up new water sources. The project adopts the design scheme of combining gates and bridges, which will greatly improve the traffic conditions on both sides of the Strait, promote the economic and social development on both sides of the Strait, and facilitate the passage of people on both sides of the Strait

at 15.3 kilometers upstream of the Yihe River Bay water source project, the Yihe yuanjiakouzi water source project is also under construction. This project is one of the 100 key livelihood issues in our city this year, and it is a livelihood issue to improve the urban and rural ecological environment. Yuanjiakouzi water source project is a large (1) type project, and the main project is a 12 hole river gate with a single hole net width of 20 meters, using a large radial steel gate. The project is of great significance for improving the ecological environment, solving the production and domestic water demand of the people along the line, and ensuring economic development. Yihe River Bay and yuanjiakouzi water source projects are the two backbone projects of the "Linyi rainwater and flood resources utilization plan". After the completion of the two projects, 98.2 million cubic meters of water can be stored at one time, with remarkable water supply, ecological and environmental benefits

create Yimeng "water conservancy style" eco-tourism

our city vigorously develops water conservancy service industry, revitalizes water resources, makes full use of water, takes a point to an area, blooms in an all-round way, constantly expands the way of water conservancy industry, and strives to create Yimeng "water conservancy style" eco-tourism brand. On the basis of ensuring the basic functions of flood control and water supply, the supporting water conservancy project management facilities are designed and decorated synchronously. Actively develop municipal water conservancy scenic spots, strive to create scenic spots above the provincial level, and form a cluster effect of Water Conservancy Scenic spots. Explore and promote the cultural elements of water conservancy, create water conservancy style towns (villages and Gardens), and sing the "rubber dam city" and other Linyi water conservancy brands. Among them, water conservancy style towns (villages and Gardens) are new rural and industrial forms that highlight the characteristics of water and water conservancy projects, take cultural inheritance as the starting point, smooth traffic as the basis, tourism resources as the condition, ecological civilization as the element, tourism experience as the form, brand marketing as the means, and quality life as the purpose. Recently, our city has named four water conservancy style towns such as Yuandongtou Town, Yishui County, seven water conservancy style villages such as xiezishan village, Huangshan Town, Luozhuang District, and seven water conservancy style parks such as the 10000 mu lotus pond in Jinluo, Lanshan district

at the same time, the city has done a good job in the investigation of historical relics and heritage of water culture, promoted the construction of water culture museum, water museum, water conservancy Memorial Hall and water conservancy patriotism education base, actively cultivated and developed water related festivals, accelerated the agglomeration of water conservancy industry, turned resource advantages into economic and industrial advantages, and injected new impetus into economic and social development

it is understood that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the city has invested 9billion yuan in water conservancy infrastructure, built a large number of backbone water conservancy projects, improved the flood control, drought relief and disaster reduction system, significantly improved the ability to regulate and control water resources, vigorously carried out water conservancy for people's livelihood, and new highlights have emerged in the construction of water ecological civilization, providing strong water conservancy support for the construction of an economically and culturally strong city

the brand of rubber dam is striving to "step out of the country"

since the first rubber dam was built in 1997, our city has actively built a high-quality brand of rubber dam, continued to expand its technical construction force, and forged an elite design and construction team, At present, the "Shandong Linyi Water Conservancy Survey and Design Institute" with the National Water Conservancy Design Class A qualification and the "Shandong Linyi Water Conservancy Engineering Corporation" with the National Water Conservancy Design Class A qualification for general contracting of hydropower construction according to the cleaning operation have been established, with more than 100 professional and technical talents such as registered geotechnical engineers, registered geotechnical engineers, registered first-class constructors, etc

after years of rubber dam design, construction and operation management, our city has made leading national technological achievements in rubber dam design demonstration, raw material processing, construction cycle, cost and quality assurance with the development of science and technology and the emergence of some complex artificial objects such as vinyl and glass fiber, as well as the use of modified plastics, and has accumulated scientific, advanced and rich experience in rubber dam design and construction technology, The built rubber dam has never had a construction safety accident or operation management accident, which effectively ensures the long-term operation and long-term benefits of the rubber dam project

adhering to the great development strategy of "going out of Linyi and going nationwide", our city has successively designed and constructed 17 inflatable and water filled rubber dams for Rizhao City, Jining City, Yanzhou City, Henan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, which has played a positive role in local water conservancy and economic and social development

now, the rubber dam brand of Linyi is trying to "step out of the country". At present, through the Ministry of foreign affairs, it is actively negotiating with the Myanmar government to strive for joint investment and build a water filled rubber dam on the China Myanmar border to jointly benefit the people of the two countries

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