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Use of waste PET and recycling technology

use: Recycled PET is mainly used for fiber, sheet, non food packaging tensile testing machine and peeling force testing machine, structural principle difference bottle, etc. the developed uses include: building materials, food packaging and containers, etc. Japanese companies have used polymer alloy to improve 7 assembly and after the end of service life, each length The pneumatic unit adopts the exchange method technology to process the recycled PET into a powder coating with better performance than that made from new PET materials. Price: no public quotation is found, which is basically a single negotiation

treatment process: Teijin company of Japan has developed a recycling method of DMT (dimethyl terephthalate) and eg (ethylene glycol) from waste PET bottles. First, the waste PET bottles are crushed and cleaned, and then dissolved in eg. at the boiling point temperature of EG and the pressure of 0.1MPa, pet is depolymerized to produce double hydroxyethyl terephthalate (BHET). After filtration, remove the filter residue and additives, make BHET react with methanol, and generate DMT and eg through transesterification reaction at the boiling point temperature of methanol and the pressure of 0.1MPa. After distillation, DMT and eg are separated, and then DMT is refined through recrystallization process; Eg is purified by distillation, and methanol can be recycled. The purity of the recovered DMT and EG is 99.99%, and the production cost is comparable to that of the general DMT and eg method. DMT can be converted into pure TPA (terephthalic acid) for the manufacture of bottle grade PET resin. The circulating device can generate about 10% of the raw materials used by the company for resin production

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