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Application and protection of construction machinery running in period

running in period is the main link to ensure the normal operation of construction machinery, reduce the failure rate and extend its service life. However, at present, some users neglect the special skill request of the running in period of the new machine due to lack of common sense in the use of construction machinery, or due to the tight construction period, or want to obtain benefits as soon as possible. Some users even think that the manufacturer has a warranty period anyway, and the manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance of the machine when it breaks down. Therefore, the machine is overloaded for a long time during the running in period, resulting in frequent early failures of the machine, which not only affects the normal application of the machine, shortens the service life of the machine, but also affects the project progress due to the damage of the machine. Therefore, the use and maintenance of construction machinery during the running in period should be paid enough attention

I. characteristics of running in period:

1. Fast wear rate

due to the influence of factors such as processing, assembly and adjustment of new machine parts, its friction surface is rough, the contact area of mating surface is small, and the pressure bearing state of the surface is uneven. During the operation of the machine, the concave and convex parts of the part surface are embedded and rubbed with each other, and the metal debris that has been ground down, as an abrasive, continues to participate in the friction, which further accelerates the wear of the fitting surface of the part. Therefore, during the running in period, it is easy to cause the wear of parts (especially the mating surface), and the wear speed is fast. At this time, if overloaded operation, it may lead to the destruction of parts and early failure

2. Poor lubrication

due to the small fitting clearance of newly assembled parts, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of fitting clearance, and lubricating oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thus, the lubrication efficiency is reduced, resulting in the early abnormal wear of the machine parts. If it is serious, it will cause scratch or bite on the friction surface of precision fitting, resulting in failure

3. Looseness

the newly processed and assembled parts have the deviation of geometric shape and fitting size. At the initial stage of application, due to the impact, vibration and other alternating loads, as well as the influence of heating, deformation and other factors, plus the rapid wear and other reasons, it is easy to loosen the originally fastened parts

4. Leakage phenomenon

because the Ryton polyphenylene sulfide resin used in the fuel distribution pipe of the machine can withstand the looseness and vibration of the chemical and permeability of ethanol based fuel and the influence of machine heating, the sealing surface and pipe joints of the machine will show leakage phenomenon; Some defects such as casting, processing, etc. in the deformation measurement of assembling composite laminates, there is an optional video optical extensometer with high resolution, high accuracy and fast image acquisition speed, which can greatly facilitate and improve the work efficiency Selection of fixture: a successful clamping solution requires that the sample will not slide and will not cause fracture of the clip. It is difficult to invent during debugging, but due to the vibration and impact in the process of operation, this defect is exposed, which is expressed as oil (water) leakage (seepage). Therefore, leakage easily occurs in the running in period

5. There are many operational errors

due to insufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the machine (especially new operators), it is easy to cause failures due to operational errors, and even mechanical accidents

II. Application and protection during running in period

1. Since construction machinery is a special vehicle, the operator should receive the training and leadership of the manufacturer, have a sufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the machine, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating the machine. The product use protection explanation provided by the manufacturer is the necessary material for the operator to operate the evaluation information of non intentional additives and the compliance of the total migration volume (only molded products). Before operating the machine, you must first browse the use protection explanation, and operate and take care of yourself according to the requirements of the explanation

2。 Pay attention to the workload during the running in period. Generally, the workload during the running in period should not exceed 80% of the rated workload, and appropriate workload should be deployed to prevent overheating caused by long-term continuous operation of the machine

3. Pay attention to regularly check the instigation of each instrument. If it is abnormal, it should be stopped in time to eliminate it. Before the cause is not found and the fault is not eliminated, the operation should be ended

4. Pay attention to the level and morality of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water), and pay attention to the tightness of the whole machine. In the inspection, it is found that there is too much lack of oil and water, and the reason should be analyzed. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubricating point should be strengthened. It is suggested that during the running in period, the lubricating points should be filled with grease every shift (except for special requests)

5. Keep the machine clean, adjust and fasten the loose parts in time, so as to prevent the wear of parts or the loss of parts due to looseness

6. When the running in period stops, the machine should be forced to take care of, do a good job of self-examination and adjustment, and pay attention to the exchange of oil

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