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On the afternoon of October 27, Zhu Yun, general manager of China Cabinet network, Dai Hui, deputy general manager, and others visited our company. Jie Zhaohu, deputy general manager of our company, and others accompanied them to visit the company's production line and exhibition hall

although it has been rainy recently, it does not affect the enthusiasm of Di Keno's people. On the afternoon of October 27, Zhu Yun, general manager of China Cabinet network, Dai Hui, deputy general manager, and others visited our company. Jie Zhaohu, deputy general manager of our company, and others accompanied them to visit the company's production line and exhibition hall

Mr. Shi, the general manager of our company, and others received Mr. Zhu, Mr. Dai and others of China Cabinet network, and made long-term exchanges and discussions on industry development and other issues. Both sides believe that after years of development in the domestic cabinet industry, the brands in the market are increasing and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the process of development, the industry has experienced great and small changes. Specifically, it can be reflected in the more standardized development of the industry, the relevant standards for production and manufacturing, the greater emphasis on environmental protection and health in the selection of materials, and the closer product design to the actual needs of Chinese consumers. With the continuous enhancement of the comprehensive strength of large-scale enterprises, the whole industry will face a new round of "reshuffle". Small and weak cabinet enterprises will withdraw from the market in the "reshuffle", and the whole industry will grow more healthily. Domestic brands will continue to narrow the gap with foreign brands. The single customization is also gradually eliminated, and the whole house customization is the general direction of the development of the furniture industry in the future. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of living standards, in the eyes of consumers, the word "brand" has a decisive market value in future consumption. Facing this change in consumption concept, brand building has become a magic weapon for major household enterprises to attract customers. If you want to build your brand into a first-class brand in the industry, on the one hand, enterprises should focus on refinement and dig deep into the connotation of products. Only by constantly exploring brand advantages and product characteristics vertically can you make the enterprise achieve greater development; On the other hand, we should identify our target customer base, cultivate loyal customers with brand culture, product quality and perfect service, and finally play a role in guiding the market

during this inspection and guidance, China Cabinet network also conducted a follow-up interview with our company's newly developed cabinet product "Fifth Avenue". "Fifth Avenue", as the latest new product developed by the company in the second half of the year, is also the star product to be promoted next year, which appears in everyone's vision for the first time. "Fifth Avenue" uses the local tyrant gold, which is now popular with young people, to make its luxury appear incisively and vividly. In terms of modeling, it adopts three-dimensional diamond, which is more three-dimensional in visual effect and richer in emotion. The cabinet Island adopts silver, which harmoniously integrates the sense of modern science and technology into family life, and adopts wavy lines in modeling, with a dynamic sense. On the basis of the function of the traditional cabinet, the bookcase is integrated into it. The kitchen is not only a kitchen, but also a place for you to drink tea and read. The strong smell of books makes the kitchen more artistic

at the last stage of this trip, the accompanying reporter of China Cabinet network made an in-depth interview with president Shi of our company. The reporter asked what achievements Di Cano has made in the context of the rapid development of the overall market in recent years? And the future development plan of dicaino? And in 2016, as the year of customized terminal reform, how about the expansion of DiCaprio terminals? Put forward a series of questions. President Shi also gave answers to this series of questions. Mr. Shi believes that in terms of the current market, customized furniture has gradually replaced traditional carpentry to build furniture, and the market for customized furniture is becoming more mature and stable. At present, the market is mainly dominated by cabinets and wardrobes, and its market penetration has reached 70%. However, in terms of industry development, whole house customization is the mainstream trend of Furniture Customization in the future. As an old custom furniture enterprise for cabinets and wardrobe, di Keno has the advantages of measurement and calculation, modular design and production organization mode on the road to full house customization, and can enter the ranks of full house customization more quickly

according to the data analysis of Di Cano in the first half of the year, its operating revenue increased by 9.21% over the same period of the previous year, its operating profit increased by 51.06% over the same period, and its market expansion doubled over the same period. Join the original single cabinet to realize the combination of cabinet and wardrobe. Some key stores realize the customization of the whole house. It is this diversified combination that clearly reflects the brand advantage in the terminal market. This is also a great achievement in the strategic layout made by dicaino in 2016

in terms of the future development plan of Di keno, Mr. Shi believes that with the intensification of competition in the first and second tier cities and the deepening of cultivation in the third and fourth tier cities, the differentiation of product lines of furniture enterprises in different cities is gradually intensifying. How to do a good job in the combination of products is the key direction of Di Keno in the next step. In terms of products, in the first and second tier cities, we pay attention to the creation of high-end products and overall bedroom supporting facilities, including the development of functional products, and apply the data-based functions to life to meet the requirements of high-end consumption. In the third and fourth tier cities, we mainly promote some products that are close to the people, so that we can better grasp the needs of consumers. How to rationalize the product positioning and classification, including the research and development of new products and the product portfolio of the overall home, from the original purpose of customized furniture to the purpose of real customized home. It is the key planning content of the next product. In terms of brand promotion, di Keno plans to adopt a dual strategy model, which will create a strong brand effect in addition to the strong advertising support of the terminal. Mainly from the brand reputation and brand social responsibility. Enhance the brand reputation through the cooperation of advantageous media; Actively participate in social public welfare activities to enhance the social effect of the brand. In addition, dicaino will establish a unique after-sales service system in the industry, so that the brand value can be sold

in 2016, as a reform of customized furniture, di Keno has been in a down-to-earth manner, and during the crazy time of speculative investment, it is still steady, and can still have many practical terminal franchisees. Dicaino's terminal expansion is based on the concept of quality without quantity. To be a stable one, the speed may not be very fast in the short term, but in the long term, our market advantage has gradually emerged. Especially after nearly two years of market economic fluctuations, our terminal market has hardly been impacted. At present, dicaino brand has nearly 400 high-quality franchise stores on the terminal, and more than 100 cooperative channels. In addition to excellent team operation, di Keno also has a down-to-earth development concept

all success comes from adhering to the brand. In the future, di Keno cabinets will continue to maintain high-quality production + constantly seek breakthroughs in design functions. As time has witnessed, di Keno customized furniture is worthy of customers' choice and trust

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