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The golden beach, white coast, blue sky and sea make the Mediterranean. It is good at making romance. It is the Mediterranean at a glance. It is made for natural gods and cannot be copied, but romance can

this is the Mediterranean

the golden beach, the white coast, the blue sky and the sea make the Mediterranean. It is good at making romance. It is the Mediterranean at a glance. It is made for natural gods and cannot be copied, but romance can

double feather wooden door

how to copy a Mediterranean romance

Mediterranean style - Chinese design

break the Convention and integrate the concept of humanistic life into the design. At the beginning of the design, the designer made an in-depth study and analysis of the living environment and cultural heritage of residents near the Mediterranean

in the process of "Sinicization", the designer skillfully integrates the humanistic characteristics and life philosophy of the Oriental mainland, that is, the golden mean, does not disturb all living beings, goes its own way, and is happy. Thus, a "Mediterranean coast" product with Chinese characteristics was formed

ecological material selection - Mediterranean style natural miniature

the soft color matching makes people return to nature and feel a pleasant sea breeze; The slovenly lines have a natural feeling, which is more natural and true. The Mediterranean is a great invention of nature

the selection of double feather wood doors tends to be natural. They adhere to the selection of ecological raw materials, bring nature into the room, make the space fresh, and protect the forest like oxygen purification environment for thousands of dreamers

craftsmanship - precipitate time with the Mediterranean

generations of Mediterranean people have devoted their enthusiasm and passion to the continuous improvement of Mediterranean architectural design and technology, and gradually developed into a typical architectural symbol around the world

batches of double feathered people actively improve the process, create higher standards than the industry, and the internal filling is more compact. The thick section of the double feather wood door is higher than the industry standard thickness. The main material is multi-layer plate with close row filling and finger board without filling. The 30 ° oblique splicing process is adopted. The internal structure is compact and durable, making the wood very artistic

excellent quality - details coexist with life

details are the essence of Mediterranean style. In terms of modeling, Mediterranean style is influenced by Byzantine art, with many curve shapes, which has high requirements for the basic skills of designers' point, line and surface composition, as well as workers' technology

shuangyumumen has welcomed every happy moment with thousands of families in the past 10 years. Through the control of details, we can create a wooden door with excellent quality, environmental protection, mute, moisture-proof and durable, and bring you a quality home

high quality experience - the whole experience goes hand in hand

the Mediterranean romantic lifestyle is known to the world, and the developed service system attracts many tourism enthusiasts. Perfect service is as inseparable as the natural blue romance

it covers pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, and the whole process of high-quality experience. A more comfortable and fast service experience is available in Shuangyu's exclusive customized service. In addition, Shuangyu's e-commerce products have a five-year warranty and can be replaced without repair

returning to nature is the joy of nature. Designers hope to pass the Mediterranean life attitude to the hearts of everyone who yearns for poetry and distance through simple styles, not just products designed to meet the public's mentality of echoing the trend

the elegant sea blue color brings the taste of sea water, and a fresh and pleasant emotion bursts out immediately. You can feel the warmth of spring without facing the sea. Only TA is there, there is beauty everywhere





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