Kaiya wooden gate 2018 thanks for having you 2019

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New year's Day is approaching, and the pointer of time is already approaching a new era

looking back on 2018, this is a year of harvest and growth for Kaiya, and also a year full of touching and companionship. Thank you for every wonderful stroke you left in Kaiya's life in 2018. Every laughter and touch you brought to Kaiya are the most treasured memories of Kaiya



is always casual

there is no agreement, nor is there waiting

at the 2018 Guiyang Construction Expo, Dalian Home Expo, Beijing wooden gate exhibition

Kaiya met you

a smile turned into a song, a shallow language and a sweet smile


knowing that

was just a moment

from the moment you decided to know Kaiya


from the time you step into the factory of Kaiya for investigation,

is doomed, From then on, they will enter each other's world

stories, so they become vivid



for a lifetime

new products, Juhui activities, VI upgrades

regardless of the ends of the earth

Kaiya is always in your sight, within your reach

is always by your side, and continues to improve

time is in a hurry

2018 will soon leave quietly

looking back on this year

there are laughter, touching, wonderful

we have been through many tests together

thank you

thank you for your company

we spent together.

2018, thank you for your company all the way

2019, excellence will continue




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