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From August 21 to August 24, 2015, the three-day and two night Cohen all staff power landing training meeting was successfully concluded in Hangzhou. The theme of this training meeting is "health mindfulness, health culture, health talent, health mechanism, health performance", and the purpose is "refining the team, innovating performance, and improving value", and strive to build a professional, fast, and effective enterprise elite team

on the first day, the lecturers made wonderful speeches respectively. The students actively asked questions and interacted with the lecturers, and organized many students to share their learning achievements. The students learned many effective methods to improve performance and manage the team. In the next day's training, all the students participated wholeheartedly. Through breathtaking and rich interactive projects, they not only broke through themselves, but also deeply felt the power of the team. Every student was inspired and harvested

after three days and two nights of landing training, we have changed our way of thinking; Experienced the passion and vitality brought by training; Witnessed the powerful power brought by gratitude; Realize the great energy inspired by the team. In addition, the Cohen family not only enhanced the tacit understanding of mutual cooperation, but also effectively improved the execution of work. I believe that all Cohen people will also continue this positive energy and executive spirit to their daily work and life, help themselves grow and truly realize their self-worth





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