Precautions for the use of aluminum alloy scaffold

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Nowadays, most scaffolds in the market are mainly made of iron and steel. However, scaffolds made of this type of material are very cumbersome to use, with simple overall design and low safety performance, which leads to frequent safety accidents such as accidental collapse of scaffolds in the city. In some developed countries, a kind of scaffold made of aluminum alloy has already sprung up and is widely used by enterprise users. Due to its high connection strength of components, scientific design of supporting mechanism, the overall structure is safe and stable. The whole is made of light and strong aluminum alloy. Scaffolding is much lighter than traditional scaffolding, so it is very convenient to use

modern science and technology are developing rapidly, and new technologies, new materials and new processes are emerging endlessly and changing with each passing day. In this situation, new high-strength materials are emerging, and high-strength aluminum alloy materials are more and more widely used. Take aluminum alloy scaffold as an example. Aluminum alloy scaffold is an example of successful application. How much do you know about it? Aluminum alloy scaffolding is widely used in the construction process of senior engineers, but when working in senior engineers, we must ensure the safety of construction and pay attention to some safety measures

advantages of aluminum alloy scaffold

1 Light weight

light weight, easy to install, handle and store. The weight is 1/3 of the traditional scaffold

2. It is simple and fast to build and disassemble

no installation tools are required, and the construction time is short

3. The structure is stable and safe

the new cold working process is adopted, and the breaking pull-out force reaches 4100— 4400kg, 12 meters high, with a maximum bearing capacity of 900kg

4. Easy to move

it can be moved and locked at will, which is convenient for continuous use in multiple places

5. Strong applicability

the height can be adjusted freely to avoid damage to the ground. The combination is diverse and the appearance is beautiful

6. Corrosion resistant, maintenance free

anti oxidation treatment, with a service life of more than 30 years

7. Aluminum alloy scaffold is flexible to build

it is specially designed and manufactured according to needs, with rapid delivery and perfect after-sales service

common sense of using aluminum alloy scaffold

I. what preparations should be made before using the ladder

1. Ensure that the parts are closely connected

2. Keep clean and free of slippery substances

3. Leather soled shoes are prohibited

4. Safety belt shall be set over 1.5m

II. What problems should be paid attention to in the use of ladders

1. It is forbidden to use ladders if you feel unwell

2. Place it stably and don't slide on the ground

3. Don't exceed the maximum bearing weight

4. Don't use it in strong winds

5. Avoid getting close to live places

6. Keep the center of gravity stable

7. Don't climb the highest support point

8. Don't exceed the top of your head to avoid losing balance

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