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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) when decorating, the living room is often listed as the top priority by the owner, and carefully designed and selected materials to fully reflect the owner's taste and style. So how to install a small family living room, which is inexpensive and beautiful

1. Universal formula: sofa + Coffee Table + TV wall + mute doors and windows , this is a common living room decoration mode in China. Many families may have difficulties in owning independent restaurants and study rooms. At this time, the living room must " Hold several positions "e;, This is done. If you add a little thought to the details, you can give consideration to both practicality and beauty

2. Proceed from actual needs: if you are a " Bookworm "e; Why not show your beloved books in a big way? If you have a baby at home, you can use a round table instead of a glass tea table. For small houses, try not to use large furniture: for small houses, it is recommended to give up those large and bulky tea tables and wide leather sofas. It not only takes up space, but also is extremely inconvenient. You can only walk horizontally between the tea table and the sofa. The small corner sofa + single chair + small tea table + silent doors and windows are also very emotional

4. Decoration style: simple style is often matched with light colors on the wall, such as white and gray; Chinese style and American style are matched with dark colors, such as red; If you like colorful ones, you can try to mix and match them, but it's definitely not random

5. When there is no study, rearrange the small corner that is usually vacant to create a small reading area. Give yourself and your family a chance to love reading and have more scholarly influence

6. Quiet environment: the most important thing in the reading corner is to provide a quiet environment and install a silent door and window Stay away from the noise outside




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