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Xiongyu heavy industry: leaping out of the "swamp" to high-end

Xiongyu heavy industry: leaping out of the "swamp" to high-end

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in the high-altitude operation basket industry, xiejiaxue, member of the 14th CPPCC Wuxi Municipal Committee and chairman of Xiongyu heavy industry group, is a "famous" figure in China. In recent years, the hanging basket industry is in a "cold winter" period, and the vicious competition in the industry has intensified. However, Xiongyu heavy industry has bucked the trend and realized the double growth of turnover and profits. The output value has increased from several million yuan to more than 300million yuan, especially in the domestic bridge field, the market share of non-standard customized hanging baskets has been stable at about 90% for many years

in recent years, Xiongyu heavy industry has created a number of "China's first" in many major projects, such as the world's longest sea crossing bridge - the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, and the world's largest portal building Suzhou "Oriental gate"; Xiongyu heavy industries' products can be seen everywhere on construction sites in Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries

how can Xiongyu heavy industry quickly jump out of the "swamp" and embark on a differentiated, high-end, large-scale and market-oriented innovation and development path

regroup: looking for a new way to "break through the encirclement"

3 years ago, due to the serious homogenization of products in the hanging basket industry for high-altitude operation, Xiongyu heavy industry was sued by enterprises in the industry for "improperly occupying the commercial reputation of 'Wuxi hanging basket' and obtaining additional competitive advantages", which caused the enterprise to suffer a "fatal" blow at the critical time of development

"it is this unexpected 'lawsuit' that sobers us up." In the words of Xie Jiaxue, "at that time, Wuxi hanging basket Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which had just made a brand in the market and had a certain popularity, almost suffered a 'disaster of extinction'. As the enterprise changed its name, it needed to rebuild its brand, but we were not 'defeated'."

in reflection, the senior management of Xiongyu heavy industry clearly saw that the non-public enterprises that contributed more than 60% of GDP were suffering from low-level vicious competition, which not only failed to develop the enterprises, but also affected the sustainable development of the whole industry. The courageous Xie Jiaxue and the group's senior leaders unified their thinking and made a quick decision: Xiongyu heavy industry must follow the high-end development path of "specialization, new features" in order to develop; Leasing drives sales. While ensuring product quality and increasing marketing efforts, it takes the lead in developing the hanging basket rental business in China

the R & D and production of non-standard hanging baskets is an industry that large enterprises are unwilling to do and small enterprises are unable to do. After repeated investigation and demonstration, Xiongyu heavy industry decided to build the company into a modern enterprise with distinctive characteristics, which can design and manufacture non-standard hanging baskets that can meet the needs of different projects according to the needs of customers

soon, Xiongyu heavy industry relied on its strength to produce and install various non-standard baskets, such as super long baskets, marine hanging baskets, ring baskets for chimney and hoistway installation baskets, which not only seized the domestic market, but also began to go overseas. At the same time, with the rapid development of the hanging basket rental business of Xiongyu heavy industry, the business volume has increased month by month, and the enterprise has "come back from the dead" and entered a steady development

at present, Xiongyu heavy industry is not only one of the "leading enterprises" in domestic basket manufacturing and design, but also develops emerging industries such as mold, auto parts and software across industries. It has become a national enterprise group. Its main business covers six business sectors, including high-altitude operation basket, building intelligent cleaning equipment, elevator intelligent installation platform, mold auto parts, software technology and machinery leasing services, The output value has risen from several million yuan to over 300million yuan

increase innovation: enhance the "hard power" of competition

it is not easy for high-altitude operation basket enterprises to truly realize high-end products

the shortage of scientific and technological talents was once the biggest "bottleneck" restricting the development of Xiongyu heavy industry. How to crack it

"while accelerating the introduction of scientific and technological talents, we cooperate with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions to carry out industry university research cooperation, accelerate the development of high-end markets with independent intellectual property rights, and achieve high starting point development." Xie family theory

Xiongyu heavy industry has increased investment in scientific and technological talents, set up a special fund for the introduction of scientific and technological talents and scientific research and development, established a Jiangnan University · Xiongyu Crane Machinery Research Institute with Jiangnan University, and jointly established a small crane machinery research institute with manyoung Wanyong Industrial Co., Ltd. At the same time, Wuxi crane ship mechanical engineering research center was established

retain people with favorable treatment, encourage people with special policies, and cultivate people in scientific research and production practice. In recent years, Xiongyu heavy industry has introduced a large number of professional talents in the fields of mechanical design, process, structural engineering, numerical analysis and simulation, formed a sophisticated research and development team, developed various new products to meet the market demand, and enhanced the "hard power" of the enterprise to participate in the international market competition

the cable maintenance gondola of long-span cable-stayed bridge developed by Xiongyu heavy industry is the first time that the gondola is applied to the cable maintenance of cable-stayed bridge in the world. The research results have enabled the company to lead the world in terms of large-scale special crane technology. At that time, there were no similar products at home and abroad. The newly developed special equipment has been successfully applied to the inspection and maintenance of Shenzhen Bay Hong Kong bridge, and the technology has won more than 10 national patents

up to now, Xiongyu heavy industry has undertaken a number of national and provincial scientific research tasks. It has 6 invention patents and 200 utility model patents. It has also participated in the revision of national standards for hanging baskets and window cleaning machines for high-altitude operations and the formulation of several industry standards. The special operation platform provided by Xiongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is used for the construction of the bridge bottom of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, which fully realizes the continuous and comprehensive operation of multi-point and full station at the bridge bottom, and the complete set of technology fills the domestic technical gap. In recent years, Xiongyu heavy industry has taken the lead in "going global" with the help of the "the Belt and Road". Last year, 40% of the high-altitude hanging baskets used in Russia alone were provided by Xiongyu heavy industry. Xiongyu heavy industry has also set up a number of first-class agents in Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries, and launched the brand of "our technicians share with you how to improve the accuracy of the electronic universal testing machine and how to protect and maintain Xiongyu" in the international market

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