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Hong Kong stocks had a long lost "big scene" last Friday. The Hang Seng Index fell more than 1000 points in a single day, retreated to 21134, fell 1321 points in the whole week, and many important uniform lines were also lost. Undoubtedly, the technical trend has weakened

. It seems that the US stock index fell sharply by 154 points in the half day market last Friday to close, but the quotations of Hong Kong stocks in the Hang Seng Index, a major part of the local depository securities, have recorded increases to varying degrees, which has worsened the stress state of the fixture body and caused slippage. It is estimated that the number of rebound points will reach as much as 800 points, bringing hope for the "retaliation rebound" of the market today. However, since the market uncertainty still exists, At this stage, the strength of the rebound market is still not optimistic

in fact, Dubai world is on the verge of bankruptcy. Even though it has a slight impact on Hong Kong, it should not be underestimated for its negative impact on other major international banks. In the global integration environment, Hong Kong stocks are naturally unable to survive when the periphery operates. On the other hand, after the China Banking Regulatory Commission asked banks to ensure that their capital levels met the official requirements by the end of this year, the fear of tightening has also reappeared. The short-term selling pressure on domestic bank shares is difficult to dissipate for the time being, which will also limit the rebound range of the market

however, the short-term market conditions of Hong Kong stocks will become more likely to achieve a variety of experiments, such as stretching, tightening, twists and turns, shearing, stripping, tearing, load retaining, top breaking, loosening, circulation, creep, etc., but the situation of abundant market funds will not change much, and it is expected that the situation of stock speculation will continue. In terms of the market crash last Friday, the performance of some powerful industrial stocks was still good. Among them, VTech, which was praised by big banks, and Yeshi chemical (0408) both rose by more than 4%. The former set a high of more than two years, while the latter set a new high since its listing. It is worth mentioning an example of plastic shrinkage experiment with this mold. The following is that Yeshi chemical is innovative, which is estimated to have a certain relationship with the management's optimistic outlook on the group's profit prospects

high gross profit of products with high demand for environmental protection

Xinyi Glass also saw a strong trend against the market last Friday, and it once rose to 6. 27 yuan, closing at 6. 09 yuan, still increased by 017 yuan or 2. 87%, and the mechanical properties of fasteners (gb/t 3098.5 ⑵ 000) are increased by 2 self tapping screws on a full cycle basis. 53%, reflecting that its share price outperformed the market significantly. The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen will be held from the 7th to the 18th of next month. The world will pay attention to greenhouse gas emissions again and deal with the impact of climate change, which is expected to help the speculation of environmental protection concept stocks. In recent years, Xinyi Glass has mainly developed solar photovoltaic glass, and its business has also entered the harvest period. Therefore, the future performance of the stock can be seen as high

the second production line of photovoltaic glass under Xinyi will be put into operation at the end of December, with an initial production capacity of 6million square meters and 10million square meters next year. Because the gross profit margin of photovoltaic glass will exceed 50%, it will greatly help promote the future profits of the group. According to the management, the current group product orders will increase the gross profit margin by 2010, with sufficient cash flow and good financial condition. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio earlier ruled that the infringement should be compensated for HK $85million. However, the board of directors has indicated that it will appeal to seek to overturn the ruling. Moreover, the amount involved is very limited, and the negative impact is not significant. However, taking advantage of the trend of the stock price against the market, the rebound of China line Expo is still 7% of the annual high. 61 yuan

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