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On April, the second Asia Pacific banking value summit was held in Jiangsu. As a leading enterprise mobile information service provider in the Asia Pacific region, Xuanwu technology and its instant messaging pan financial industry integrated communication solutions were invited to attend. It is reported that the summit focused on the innovation and transformation of the banking industry, and invited 117 banks and partners from China, including Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China CITIC Bank, Shanxi Branch, Bank of Dalian, Bank of Jiangsu, to discuss the road of mobile information innovation in the banking industry

the second Asia Pacific banking summit

service upgrading in the era of integrated and connected finance

with the rise of cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other new technologies, the wave of Internet Finance and financial technology. However, many foam granulator enterprises are sweeping away the problem of not paying attention to environmental protection in their production experience. The financial era of new and first combination of end keys has begun. At the meeting, Zhumin, marketing director of Cixin products of Xuanwu technology, pointed out that under the condition of basic financial service innovation, customer demand is becoming more and more comprehensive. In addition to traditional needs such as deposit, loan, remittance and payment, we also hope to obtain financial services such as wealth management, fund and insurance that integrate various business, life and social scenes in one stop

in addition, Zhu Min said that the innovation of Internet is not to subvert the core value of the traditional financial industry, but to improve efficiency, optimize experience and enrich choices through advanced mobile information technology. In the new financial era, we need to think more about how to integrate various financial business scenarios, better connect end users, and achieve the overall improvement of financial efficiency

based on the above in-depth analysis and understanding of the current market situation, relying on 17 years' deep cultivation and accumulation in the field of mobile information technology, Xuanwu technology Yixin brand has put forward a pan financial industry integrated communication solution, which is committed to providing the banking industry with a general, multi-channel integrated solution of communication capabilities that are not used at all, such as stretching, twists, divestitures, tears, and so on, so as to provide a platform for the banking industry to face decentralization, decentralization, connecting users The new financial era, which covers the Internet, provides strong mobile communication support

Zhumin, marketing director of Xuanwu technology instant messaging products, delivered a speech

instant messaging pan financial industry integrated communication solution

according to the introduction, Xuanwu technology instant messaging pan financial industry solution, with the UMP integrated communication platform as the core, combined with the professional communication operation and maintenance platform AMS, built an integrated communication service solution based on the communication capabilities of SMS, MMS, voice traffic, wireless traffic and three code number for enterprises. The instant messaging UMP integrated communication platform adopts b/s structure as a whole, which is easy to deploy; Its professional communication operation and maintenance design is simple, and it can provide exclusive private customized solutions for customers in banking, securities, insurance, large state-owned enterprises and other industries. With high security, high reliability, high availability and high compatibility, the credit brand has been deeply cultivated in the financial industry for more than ten years, and has been highly recognized and praised by many banking partners such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, rural credit cooperatives, postal savings, industrial bank, Bank of Guangzhou, Guangfa bank, etc. to help the financial industry achieve integrated communication services and innovative transformation with more professional platform advantages

as a trusted enterprise cloud communication platform, the instant messaging brand is committed to providing customers with integrated mobile communication cloud services including SMS, MMS, voice and traffic, and providing standardized products covering finance, Internet, government enterprises, FMCG and other industries. At the same time, it has reliable performance and can provide customized services for customers' diversified and personalized needs. It is China Mobile, China Unicom Senior strategic partner of China Telecom's three major operators. Over the years, with its mature and stable technical advantages and professional and considerate after-sales service, Cixin series products have won high praise from nearly 100000 customers in more than 30 industries all over the country, and established a leading position in the top three industries in China

banking elites have shared their wonderful experiences. At the

Summit Forum, elites from major banks have expressed their views and shared their own research results and transformation experience in the new financial field. Major banks have expressed that in the context of the new financial era, transformation is imperative, and there is a better development future only when they go ahead

Xuanwu technology is the integrated communication solution for the trust pan financial industry.

with the development of mobile Internet technology, the banking business model has changed. Traditional banks must reinterpret and innovate their business under the user-centered thinking, and meet the diversified financial needs of users by integrating multiple channels and resources. Only through multi-party integration and connection, can we help the innovative development of the banking industry, improve the value income and core competitiveness, and achieve a win-win situation between banking enterprises and users

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