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Xpedx has become an authorized distributor of Kodak's commercial prepress products in the United States. Eastman Kodak announced on July 8 local time that xpedx has found a fair distributor of materials and processing technology for the authorization of its commercial prepress products in the United States. HP has cooperation with Evonik and Arkema; Now don Whaley, the channel and key customer development manager of Kodak North America, who participates in the 200ml distilled water of 20 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃, said that Kodak's expansion of cooperation with xpedx is to better meet the requirements of customers. Our primary task is to ensure that customers can obtain a stable supply of products. As our partner in the United States, xpedx is capable of providing customers with high-level services

in addition, Kodak also informed pitman that it would terminate its right to sell all Kodak products. This decision will take effect from October 5, 2010

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