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Xtcapp: customized service for enterprises

1. Project background

Chengdu Xuguang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Xuguang") integrates scientific research and production and should adjust the hardness tester to the level; (2) Large military enterprises whose steel ball surface is not smooth or whose diameter exceeds the tolerance. It specializes in the development and production of ultraviolet photoelectric devices, instruments, meters, industrial furnace gas automatic control equipment and combustion equipment. The company is mainly composed of the science and technology department responsible for overall coordination and nine branches responsible for their own design and process. With the continuous development and expansion of the enterprise, in the whole process of process design and management, the enterprise's drawings, product data and other resources and experience are increasing. The management of the enterprise has keenly realized that the original simple manual management mode has been difficult to meet the needs of the market and modern management. Only by better mastering and utilizing information technology can we occupy a favorable position in the market. Therefore, it is imperative for Chengdu Xuguang to introduce information integration system to realize enterprise level information integration

2002, Chengdu Xuguang began to prepare for the implementation of enterprise informatization. After type selection, investigation and analysis, it finally decided to select xtcapp5.5 of Exeter company as the integration platform of the whole enterprise process planning system, and establish a long-term cooperation relationship with Exeter company, so as to lay a foundation for the cultivation of enterprise reserve talents and the sustainable development of the enterprise. In the early stage of the project, both parties conducted comprehensive and detailed special research and technical analysis in the enterprise, and timely found the problems existing in the enterprise; At the same time, according to the personalized requirements put forward by Xuguang, special developers are set to define the development time to ensure the quality and effectiveness of software development. In combination with the actual application of Xuguang, in addition to the general functions of xtcap5.5, two functional modules of general process management and assembly flow chart drawing have been developed qualitatively for enterprises. After six months of development and implementation, they have been fully promoted and applied in Chengdu Xuguang, with an installed capacity of 50 sets and tens of thousands of process cards. The daily work of technicians has been gradually transferred to the xtcapp system, The general process database is also basically established. In march2003, the overall acceptance of xtcapp5.5 project was completed

II. Project implementation process

1 Establish CAPP implementation objectives

(1) integrate CAD, CAPP and PDM within the enterprise to effectively share existing data and establish the enterprise's own CAPP system

(2) establish enterprise process database, customize card templates and reports, and realize CAPP database management

2. Determine the implementation plan and step-by-step implementation process

phase I: in June, 2002, start to install the software environment, organize general function training, and carry out customized demand research. With the progress of the software and the adjustment of the enterprise's needs, many details in the software application process have been further clarified and regulated. During the field implementation in Chengdu Xuguang, the "Xuguang CAPP secondary development requirements" report has been completed focusing on the user's needs, which will be used as the basis for the secondary development of the project and determine the time for submission to the user

the second stage: in October, 2002, test the secondary development function, update the program, and conduct phased acceptance

the strict development schedule management was further expanded through careful brand awareness, and most of the secondary development contents were basically completed within the scheduled time. The detailed functions still need to be considered with the user

during the second centralized implementation of Chengdu Xuguang, the main contents were determined as two aspects:

(1) new function test for general process management and assembly flow chart drawing module

(2) correct the defects in the original procedure, submit new and minor functional improvement requirements, develop and update the procedure in a timely manner

with the full cooperation of the implementers of both sides, the server and client of Xuguang process system have been comprehensively upgraded, many problems such as information reading and display settings in the assembly flow chart have been solved, the general process management function has been added, and the function test has been carried out in combination with the actual working mode of Xuguang. The actual work needs of the process personnel have been basically met, and the phased acceptance of the project has been completed

the third stage: in march2003, all the procedures were updated and the project was accepted as a whole

after the new program was installed in Chengdu Xuguang, the application test was carried out, during which the functions were further improved and adjusted by mail and methods. In december2002, the final program installation package was delivered to Chengdu Xuguang. So far, the development of the project has come to an end and the project has been basically completed. After application for a period of time, the project is successfully accepted with the agreement of both parties

III. technological innovation in the project

1. General process management

Chengdu Xuguang. Most of these fishing gear are from illegal fishing vessels. They have strict management requirements for product processing technology. As the core confidential technical data of the enterprise, the enterprise requires to set up an independent and strict authority management mechanism in the xtcapp system to carefully allocate and manage the authority to add, browse and download general process documents, It is independent of the system and gets permission management in "user role management". By default, admin controls all permissions, which can be assigned to other users to specify permissions or revoked. So far, in addition to the general functions, the "general process management" module has been set separately

2. Drawing assembly flow chart

as some products of Chengdu Xuguang are directly assembled, it is required to visually display the assembly process in the form of flow chart, and at the same time, it should be linked with the corresponding process information and inspection information. The assembly structure information can be directly read from the product structure tree, and the drawing number, drawing name, material and other information of parts (including the contents filled in the title bar and details bar) can be displayed according to the needs of users, In the operation node, you can define the associated process card information, or directly select the required process file from the general process management library

IV. project summary

realizing enterprise level information integration is a stage that modern enterprise informatization must span. Xtcapp5.5 general process information management system implemented in Chengdu Xuguang is a new generation CAPP system tailored for enterprises with new ideas. The system is oriented to the whole process of product production technology preparation, so that the product process design is comprehensively promoted from "throwing pen" to a new realm of product oriented process design and process information management

Chengdu Xuguang has cooperated closely with Exeter company to realize the integration of various systems, solve the problems existing for many years, improve work efficiency, shorten the technical preparation cycle, and enable the enterprise to master the process data more comprehensively and accurately; More standardized and orderly implementation of process management; More standard and efficient process design, 1 The viscosity of oil is too low (there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe 1 of the oil delivery valve when loading) the enterprise production management provides complete and effective engineering data, improves the overall informatization level of the enterprise, and lays a good information foundation for the rapid development of the enterprise


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