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Xuqingliu: talk about the experience of Lyon lighting festival in France in 1643, in medieval Europe, a pestis swept through Lyon, France. We estimated that the company's TPV capacity would be expanded by about 83%. Lyon people prayed and hoped that God would protect them from the disaster. When the disaster suddenly disappeared, everyone in Lyon was elated. On the evening of December 8, Every family lights candles on their windowsills to thank God. This is the source of today's Lyon lighting Festival

therefore, the Lyon Light Festival originates from the folk and cultural fields. It has developed and inherited for hundreds of years before the government intervention and guidance. It has a deep mass base. Unlike some domestic light festivals, it originates from political needs or the demands of related industrial and economic fields

art technology

should the lighting design major focus more on art or technology? From the practice of Lyon lighting Festival, art should be higher than technology. All lighting devices or 3D projection, acousto-optic interactive devices, etc. do not have too many difficulties from the perspective of hardware or technical implementation. The evaluation criteria for the success of media lighting devices can only be judged from whether they resonate with the audience at the spiritual level

therefore, don't say that lighting designers are only "makeup artists" of architectural space or architectural environment. In the era of media lighting show, the architectural physical environment is only the carrier of lighting art works. Lighting can completely complete the secondary deconstruction and interpretation of the architectural physical environment. Lighting designers need to tell stories with light, which also means that lighting designers must complete the transformation from "makeup artists" to "Directors"

as 2017 is a retrospective exhibition, excellent artistic modeling lamps over the years have been intensively displayed in the white apple square

temporary lighting device = temporary workers

since the lighting devices are basically only displayed during the four-day lighting Festival, there are not many lighting devices that can be seen in detail during the day. If the lighting standard of "seeing light but not seeing light" is used to judge, it can only be regarded as the passing level. The value of light can be divided into political, social and economic values. From the perspective of revenue source, it can be divided into direct and indirect. From the perspective of revenue source of Lyon lighting Festival, it should be that indirect revenue is greater than direct revenue. For each node with a year-on-year increase of 6.8%, the government does not charge direct ticket fees, but needs to invest a lot of security expenditure

the indirect income of the government mainly comes from the taxes of accommodation, catering, transportation and all related industries

from the point of view that stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade, Guozhen Ronghui said that it is not appropriate to hold large-scale lighting festivals in the first and second tier cities, but it is more realistic to hold them in cultural theme parks or third and fourth tier cities and achieve balance of payments

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