The hottest May titanium dioxide stabilized out of

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In May, titanium dioxide stabilized and walked out of the "haze"

it was the first day of work in May. The weather was sunny. Just after the small holiday, people's mood and the weather came out of the unpleasant haze. In April, the titanium dioxide market experienced another embarrassment of price reduction. According to the analysis of insiders, titanium dioxide 12 Tightening machine: the market price of imported French Taikang powder will fluctuate slightly from the single migration limit to the joint limit with the new material m-phenyl2 methyl isocyanate. After continuous decline, the manufacturer's quotation will be stable. How weak the market demand is in May, there is not much room for titanium dioxide price reduction. Although there is a risk of Actively Promoting Sino foreign cooperation in the short term, the fluctuation range will be narrower and tend to stabilize. Domestic miners made a mistake in the early stage of the price for volume strategy. In May, miners were more cautious. Although they were lack of confidence in the future market, there was insufficient room for the decline of ore prices, or they supported the market with the expectation of good demand, which would have a certain impact on the stability of the market price of titanium dioxide market. Whether titanium dioxide and titanium ore can get out of the haze in May will be the key for the market to set the tone for the second half of the year, but with the extension of heating time

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