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Mayday packaging design helps cheese company expand the retail market

in order to open up the retail market, cheese company extons commissioned design agency Mayday to design new packaging for its products

extons mainly supplies cheese from Britain and continental Europe for some food service industries and cheese retailers. This time, the packaging design aims to create a more flexible and vivid brand logo for the whole product series and improve product recognition

in front of the new package is a circular pattern with the outline of the letter E as the reference. At present, there is a lack of scientific and systematic publicity and introduction of aluminum alloy cable, a new thing in the market. The upper part of the pattern is an illustration of a cow grazing on the grass. In order to shape the relevance with the brand, the designer also ingeniously hung a cow bell for the cow, and the figure of the bell is taken from the letter O in the word extons

cheese packages with different flavors are different in pattern and color, so as to facilitate consumers to distinguish

RACH is a "highlight" of this exhibition. The sales director of AEL exon said that this new cheese, which can be packaged for 10 years, will help their Manchester company tackle high-end markets that particularly value brand and quality

now, the cheese with our own brand name is finally directly retailed to consumers, and we are trying to shape this part of our business. Ext means

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