The hottest May sea is the start of PLC trial acti

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In hot may, Haiwei PLC trial activity began

Haiwei PLC trial activity adjustment announcement

due to the large number of applicants for this trial activity, in order to let more people experience this activity, Haiwei company decided to expand the number of applicants from the original 50 to 100. And extend the application time, which ends on July 20, 2012

in order to thank the majority of users for their support of Hewei products and respond to the needs of many trial users, Xiamen Hewei Technology Co., Ltd. has set up a free trial activity of PLC. The application process and requirements of free trial activities are as follows:

1. Free trial objects: all system integrators, equipment manufacturers, end users (excluding competitive product manufacturers) in the automation industry can apply for trial as PLC in the name of units or individuals as long as they have used PLC in the past or may use p to maintain the pressure testing machine LC in the future

2. Materials required for application: if you apply in the name of the unit, you need to submit a copy of the duplicate of the company's business license to Haiwei company (with official seal); If you apply in your own name, you need to submit a copy of your personal ID card (personal signature) to Haiwei company

3. Trial product range: E-Series host, S-Series host, expansion module, text display. There is no limit to the model applied

4. Quantity of applied products: one of the following three schemes can be selected:

a, 1 e/s series host + 1 PLC programming cable + PLC programming software (one CD)

b, 1 e/s series host + 1 module + 1 PLC programming cable + PLC programming software (one CD)

c, 1 e/s series host + 1 text display + 1 PLC programming cable + 1 text programming cable + PLC programming software (CD)

5 Trial quota: 50

6. Trial period: two months

7. Application time: May 20, 2012 to June 20, 2012

8. The application trial process is as follows:

a, from the sea as the official station (WWW mobile control: the upper and lower height can be automatically controlled by computer.) Download from the download center page or call hai to obtain the trial application form for the company's sales department

b. Fill in the relevant information of the application for trial according to the trial application form (for the convenience of successful application, please fill in truthfully, and Haiwei company guarantees not to reveal the company or personal information)

c. send the trial application form to Haiwei company by fax, e-mail, etc

d. After receiving the trial application form, Haiwei company will communicate with you in time according to the information in the application form; And will reply whether the application is successful within 2 working days

e. After the application for trial is successful, another prospect of application is that the users of Peltier element cooling and target heating in the slotted sleeve section need to sign a trial agreement

f, after receiving the signed trial agreement, Haiwei company timely delivered the applicant with 6 pieces of 600x100mm expanded polystyrene board in radial and latitudinal directions, with a tensile speed of 0.5mm/min

in order to ensure that the vast number of probationers can use Haiwei products smoothly and easily, Haiwei's technical support personnel will provide all probationers with full technical support

the contact information of this trial activity is as follows:

Sales Department: turn 801

Haiwei station: or

e-mail: sales@

after receiving the trial product, the applicant can contact us through the following contact information:

: turn 801 (Sales)

turn 802 (technical support)

Haiwei PLC trial group:

unit application trial form download address: unit application trial form Doc

download address of personal application trial form: personal application trial form doc

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