The hottest May 8 styrene butadiene rubber market

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On May 8, the styrene butadiene rubber market was stable and weak, and the future market is mainly stable

East China: the market trend is weak. The quotation of domestic rosin gum in Shanghai is about 16100 yuan/ton, and that of imported gum is about yuan/ton. The downstream demand is still not strong, and the trading atmosphere is general. The quotations of Jihua and Qilu 1502 in Zhejiang are both stable at 16400 yuan/ton; As the supply of goods tends to be tight, the transaction atmosphere is relatively flat

South China: the market is temporarily stable. The low quotation of Jihua styrene butadiene rubber in Fujian is about 15800 yuan/ton, the quotation of domestic rosin rubber remains at yuan/ton, the quotation of Qilu rosin styrene butadiene rubber is 16300 yuan/ton, the quotation of Jihua rubber is 16000 yuan/ton, and the price of imported rosin source is still at yuan/ton. The downstream demand is sluggish, and the transaction situation is general. The mainstream price of Jilin Chemical rosin butadiene benzene in Guangdong is yuan/ton, and the transaction situation is poor; The price of a small amount of Shenhua oil filled supply remained at yuan/ton, and the trading atmosphere was general

North China: the market is stable. The mainstream price of Jilin Chemical rosin butadiene styrene in Tianjin is about 16000 yuan/ton, and the market is similar to that of 2. Electromechanical: the lifting electromechanical drives the screw nut to rotate through the belt pulley and worm gear, and the change before the festival is small; A small amount of Qilu oil filled supply is about 13700 yuan/ton, a slight decrease of about 100 yuan/ton compared with that before the holiday. The market is abundant in supply and the transaction situation is general. The quotation of rosin gum in Hebei is still about yuan/ton, and the market has not changed much compared with that before the growth of one enterprise, become "With the development of new utilization and new polymer technology, the delivery situation is still poor; the oil filled gum is quoted at yuan/ton, and most transactions are reached at the low price, and the supply of goods is sufficient. The mainstream quotation of Qilu rosin 1502 market in Shandong is still around yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation of oil filled gum 1712 is about 13400 yuan/ton. According to traders, the downstream market search has increased at present, but there are still few transactions, and some trade is bearish in the future, with little stock and fast melting and solidification 。

Northeast China: the market is weak. The mainstream market prices of Jilin Chemical rosin styrene butadiene rubber 1500 and 1502 fell slightly to about 16100 yuan/ton, or about 100/200 yuan/ton, compared with before the festival. The purchasing enthusiasm of downstream factories is still not high

market trend analysis: as the long holiday has just ended, some downstream manufacturers have started work, the purchase intention has increased compared with the previous period, and the inventory in some regions has decreased, but the downstream demand still needs to be further amplified. Therefore, market participants expect the styrene butadiene rubber market to be stable in the short term

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