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On May 7, the polyester filament Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

on May 7, the people in Shengze chemical fiber market were distracted, and the downstream buyers of polyester products were heavy. Dealers in the market generally reported that it was more difficult to sell, and the prices of some varieties still fell. The lowest market price of the market leading product fdy63d/24F was about yuan/ton. Although the quotation of most polyester factories in Shengze is temporarily stable, the actual transaction is generally discounted and promoted. Among them, the low elasticity DTY of the big textile factory has fallen by 100 yuan/t, and the cash price of 75d/144f is 16200 yuan/t. The surrounding Wuxi area workers ④ makee formula factory has actively introduced a batch of high-end talents and top technology, and there is still a price concession of yuan/t. The quotation of polyester POY factories in Tongxiang and Taicang was temporarily stable, but the textured yarn in Taicang still fell slightly

from the perspective of market transactions, market transactions are also very flat, buyers' enthusiasm to enter the market is not high, and the actual transaction of POY products still has price concessions, such as the lowest price of 11450 yuan/ton in the 150d/48f product market, POY refueling demand is small, but the competition demand is poor; DTY series products are also declining, with a decline range of about 100 yuan/ton. The market price of this product is currently varying, with some price differences as high as 500 yuan/ton; Fdy54d, 100D, 150D and dty100d/144f, 75d/144f winding maintain a small number of transactions

it was learned from the spinning factory that although the production and sales rate of price reduction and promotion picked up slightly today, it was difficult to level the production and sales, and the inventory pressure remained high. It is expected that the overall polyester Market in the future will also have a weak downward trend. If on the contrary, change any two connected positions

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