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Prospects for drugs packaged in plastic soft bags

with the progress of science and the continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical market, the glucose bottled liquid used in clinical practice has been changed from the traditional bottled production to plastic soft bag packaging. The plastic soft bag packaging is made of polyoxyethylene with patented formula, which conforms to the animal test regulations of plastic containers under the biological verification of the United States Pharmacopoeia. The toxicity test made by tissue culture method has proved the safety and reliability of plastic soft bag packaging

1 several advantages of flexible plastic bag packaging

1.1 flexible plastic bag packaging is lighter than infusion bottles, easy to handle, not afraid of collision, and the transportation cost is reduced

1.2 it is suitable for hospital, community and family medical treatment, and it is easy to carry

1.3 is especially suitable for high-dose dosing. For example, the injections of traditional Chinese medicine Shenmai, Huangqi, Shenqi, etc. are packed in 10ml each, and the commonly used clinical dosage is 10 ~ 40ml. Only 20ml of the medicinal liquid can be added to the 500ml liquid in a bottle, while 150ml of the medicinal liquid can be added to the 500ml liquid in a plastic soft bag, which increases the dose by 7.5 times without resistance. The former needs repeated suction, which increases the intermediate links, prolongs the operation time, and increases the opportunity of pollution, while the latter avoids these shortcomings and is safe and reliable. For example, our hospital is a large-scale hospital integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine. One of its characteristics is that traditional Chinese medicine injections are widely used in clinic, such as Shenmai, Shenqi, Huangqi, etc. The specifications of traditional Chinese medicine injections are mostly 10ml per bottle, and the common amount of each patient is about 30ml. It is difficult to add 30ml of traditional Chinese medicine injections into the bottle at one time with bottled infusion, while the plastic soft bag packaging can inject 30ml of traditional Chinese medicine injections into the bag at one time. Its characteristic is that it does not affect the leakage of liquid due to the increase of drug volume and pressure. More than 40 people in the infusion room of our hospital receive this kind of medicine every day, which can reduce many intermediate links. Each person can save 2min of dispensing time, so that about 80min of time can be saved every day

1.4 adding medicine with No. 9 needle in the infusion bottle will increase the pressure in the bottle, causing the liquid to leak out from the exhaust pipe, which not only wastes the liquid medicine, but also increases the national energy of Pingmei, but it can be described as an ambitious pollution opportunity. Plastic soft bag packaging also uses No. 9 needle. After dosing, the needle eye is automatically sealed without leakage

1.5 the bagged liquid is completely sealed, and there is no defect that bottled liquid is often found in clinic. For example, the bottle mouth is loose, cracked, and the liquid produces flocs and precipitates turbidity, especially when the cork is broken and brought into the liquid during dosing

1.6 it is especially suitable for emergency rescue. If you accidentally hit the ground during the rescue process, you can continue to use it after picking up the dust and changing the needle again, so as to win time for rescue. The infusion bottle is irreplaceable. For example, a male patient in the outpatient department of internal medicine of our hospital came to our department for infusion and hemostasis due to gastrointestinal bleeding. His condition suddenly changed during the infusion. The patient vomited blood, his face was pale, sweating dripping, and his pulse was weak. He needed to adjust his horse. The experimental machine was transferred to the emergency department for rescue treatment at the level. The nurse lifted the patient together with the reclining chair, and accidentally dropped the infusion bag in his hand on the cement floor at the turn of the stairs. Nevertheless, The liquid packed in soft plastic bags is intact. If it is bottled liquid, it will have adverse consequences

2 precautions for using new plastic soft bags

2.1 this product is disposable and must not be stored and reused

2.2 store it tightly to avoid overheating (validity: 2A)

2.3 never wear the needle through the soft bag when adding drugs. After clinical application, hold both sides of the injection tube orifice of the infusion bag with the index finger of the left thumb from below, lift it up about 30 °, hold the dosing syringe with the right hand, and align the needle with the midpoint of the injection tube, but the specific details are still under discussion. Move forward horizontally, rotate clockwise, and insert the needle forcibly. In case of resistance or collision, the needle must be pulled back and inserted again. The medicine can be injected only after it is confirmed that there is an empty needle feeling or it is in the center of the injection tube

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